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Example sentences for connectivity

The sense of community and connectivity is the strongest out of the whole nation.
They show the active network with blinking lights at the nodes, its speed and connectivity, and its usage.
As always, you bring together a lot of information and ideas and then invite us to consider their connectivity.
Our imagination is built, layer by layer, upon a foundation of neural connectivity that extends throughout our physical bodies.
Those who experience our constant connectivity as dulling should be able to identify closely with his guests.
Today, you have a lot of online services selling something similar-the comfort of connectivity.
Technology and global connectivity are changing the workplace in fundamental ways.
T he high and rising importance of human connectivity has significant implications for the future.
The real limiting factor for mobile browsing is still connectivity and bandwidth.
Then you need the connectivity to your emotional reactions.
Everything from cars to cookers could ultimately have social connectivity embedded in it.
Now this last bastion of un-connectivity is to be breached.
They also require constant wireless connectivity, as well as long-lasting batteries.
And although wireless broadband connectivity is widespread, it can still be patchy and unreliable.
The inter-connectivity of the system makes any failure much more widespread and damaging.
The entire category is an amazing mix of technology, connectivity and a deep desire for social contact and interaction.
The questions of security, connectivity, backup and actual geographic location of hardware all need to be addressed and answered.
Infrastructure covers a host of markets areas: from connectivity to cabling, switches to semiconductors.
Cheap digital storage, ubiquitous connectivity and oodles of processing power have changed the way people think about memory.
The spread of fast broadband connectivity in many countries has also encouraged people to dabble in online dating.
It is this combination of connectivity and cloud computing that makes netbooks and their successors so disruptive.
The flip side of easy connectivity and remote access, however, is the heightened risk of a security breach.
The laptop was supposed to sweep through poor countries, scattering knowledge and connectivity all around.
The connectivity between groups also varies over time as a function of market conditions.
It has dedicated controls for music, multipoint connectivity, and three sound mode options.
It also speaks about the connectivity, diversity and consequent creativity that comes from that environment.
The younger brain, on the left, shows more connectivity.
It means reduced connectivity and reduced access to information.
Landscapes shift and the distribution and connectivity of species changes.
But wreaking havoc could get easier as carmakers add more wireless connectivity.
Today's smart phones have all the speed, storage, and network connectivity of desktop computers from a few years ago.
Small, portable laptops and smartphones tempt travelers to expect the modern creature comfort of connectivity wherever they go.
Gadgets to get you moving without sacrificing security or connectivity.
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