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Different alarms sound if there is an error or a connection needs fixing.
They demonstrate a true connection between the moon and earthquake activity, he said.
Possibly a connection could exist between creativity and schizophrenia.
The spiritual connection to the land and an attachment to landscape and nature is also important.
Large boulders flanking the firepit reinforce the visual connection to the rocky terrain.
Your broadband connection screams compared with the dial-up days of yore, but it could be faster.
The question had only a loose connection to spending.
But perhaps the causal connection runs in the other direction.
Many more people observe the solstice while participating in modern holidays-even if they do not always realize the connection.
Scientists find a strange connection between physical pain and positive emotions.
Connection for an outdoor antenna, too, if you wish to use it.
With hotspots, you need to activate them, wait for connection and then juggle the hardware in your hands.
Two officers have been placed on leave in connection with the incident.
Have students write a brief description of what the connection is on each line.
There is also probably some connection between our state of mind, stage of life and the stories in the dreams.
And the smaller the community, the deeper the connection.
The only connection to the open space was a set of wooden steps that went straight up the hill.
In our own culture, as we've become more urbanized, we've lost this connection with the natural world.
Another explanation involves a deeper connection between your two devices.
Come explore the connection between farming and agriculture with our community culture and life.
Floor-to-ceiling windows give the living area a brightness and connection to the outdoors.
One of two router samples sent frequently dropped connection.
If you yearn for a connection to the wild, you will find it here.
Obesity and dementia have a well-established connection in the medical literature.
He's not comforted by the upbeat, concluding note pointing out dinosaurs' evolutionary connection to today's birds.
The curtain adds softness and variable degrees of privacy and connection.
The model tries to make a connection between light and atoms.
What gives so many of these objects a special appeal is their connection to daily life and human action.
Other studies have shown a connection between happiness and longevity.
The order is important since each successive device need to to detect the connection to the one that precedes it in the chain.
Globalization is the connection of different parts of the world.
Our connection to those events can be seen everywhere here.
In a previous study, researchers found a connection between disgust and conservatism.
The connection went down once but was quickly reset.
At the end of the first year, prices for both water use and connection were lower than they had been at the start.
Their alignment also hinted at a spine connection typical of upright-walking primates-in other words, humans and human ancestors.
Within a few days, the fluorescent-dyed virus creates a glowing map of a single neuron's every connection.
The connection between tight monetary policy and troubled quarries and furnaces may seem a bit murky.
Despite the surprise, the connection makes sense, the researchers say.
Creates a connection to wild things and places that gives birth to respect.
My microwave makes my wifi connection die completely anywhere in the house.
Experiment probes connection between climate change and radiation bombarding the atmosphere.
Those of us watching anxiously felt a deep personal connection with the probe.
If you have a special connection to the school, area or something else specific, this is also the place for it.
The connection does not depend on shared genes, as many adoptive moms and dads can attest.
The side of my project box sports a phone jack for easy connection and disconnection.
She also notes that the connection between mood and taste sensitivity may have some applications for fighting obesity.
Being a provocateur has no necessary connection to science or drinking.
Left unmentioned in the article is the connection between synthetic nitrogen and killer food allergies.
Instead, they are stored in mobile gadgets' silicon memories and refreshed when a new connection is available.
So,no connection with that area and those persons.
The only way he will be able to disprove the connection between wealth and power is by remaining poor for the rest of his life.
In today's chips, the failure of a single connection can put the whole circuit out of action.
The author of this article lost all connection to facts and reason.
The idea of uncertainty and its connection with confidence rings truer after the happenings of the past year.
Nor is there any other written evidence of a connection.
But the connection between energy and food prices doesn't stop there.
Ask students to make the connection between the amount of available water and the number of people who live there.
Both the book and film call awareness to the global warming crisis through emotional connection to the characters.
The finding adds a new twist to the evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and modern birds.
The connection between the written symbols and the iconography from a specific period also helped confirm the tablet's age.
The crush thrives in isolated villages where narrow dirt roads are the only connection to the outside world.
His artful images relay the crucial connection between humanity and nature.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap and secure belt strap connection.
The shipment of sea products to the great ports was the main connection with the outer world.
The horse connection might not be so surprising to anyone who's seen a vampire bat in action.
Indeed, the latest research about testosterone and aggression indicates that there's only a weak connection between the two.
New research draws a connection between climate conditions, birds and flu pandemics.
By responding, the printer is ready to accept the connection.
And it serves as a constant connection to the web, facilitating quick escapes from danger.
These strays that fail to establish a proper connection will die.
The connection between autism and vaccinations is so far fairly weak.
We had no connection whatsoever to any of the research reviewed in this study, nor the funding sources for it.
Genetic testing was performed and no genetic connection was determined.
The immunology behind the connection between viral and bacterial infections is slightly harder to pin down.
But such studies show correlation, not causal connection.
Quantum entanglement, whereby two or more objects are linked by an unseen connection, has some famously spooky effects.
For a kinesthetic, there is a connection between movement and memory.
If there was a connection and potential for collaboration, then go ahead.
There was also a close connection between college major and industry.
So yes, the study-work connection needs oversight in every country.
There are exceptions, but only if the candidate has some personal connection with the firm.
It is a positive feedback caused by the fact that morals have a connection with drive.
The belief in the connection persists even though there has been no proof of a link between the two.
How fast they get there depends on your phone's connection.
Occasionally a movable rib is developed in connection with the first lumbar vertebra.
The psychologic method may be applied, however, without connection with the positive or evolutionary philosophy.
The fibers forming the medial part of each tract and posterior part of the chiasma have no connection with the optic nerves.
The two adductors vary in their relative extent and in the closeness of their connection.
In connection with the bones of the face a common malformation is cleft palate.
The other three lie in immediate connection with the body of the femur, which they cover from the trochanters to the condyles.
It is impossible to show that the form of a language has the slightest connection with national temperament.
There is also such a connection between different parts of a vessel, that one rope can seldom be touched without altering another.
They are also found in connection with the sympathetic nerves.
The connection between war and rock seems to be an obvious one in the popular imagination.
Time from issuing command, with no programs running but a wi-fi connection active, until end of all activity.
Even if that point of connection is not between the depths of their souls, but the phones in their hands.
In the years since, deep regret has set in and the longing for a culinary connection with her has only intensified.
Teacher feedback and instruction time had the strongest connection.
Maybe they're lovers, but the stilted dialogue and even more stilted delivery don't really hint at any coherent connection.
My intuitive sense was that highlighting the industry connection would immediately prevent skeptics from reading further.
One of the ironies here is that there is no shortage of research showing a positive connection between athletics and academics.
It broke literature and language down into random signs that have no natural connection to one another.
Television was a solitary activity that crowded out other forms of social connection.
Law officials say there is no connection in the two cases, however.
Your broadband connection was about to be as portable as your cell phone.
Some of the support derives from real virtues that small companies offer-diversity of choice, connection to local communities.
Then the socialist party wishes to confer with us, to try to make a connection between policy and philosophy.
And part is the idea that fecundity breeds familiarity-a genuine point of connection with voters.
So there's no sort of fond connection for me whatsoever.
The irony that his good fortune originated with a professional connection seems lost on all.
Any alert investigator would eventually get around to wondering whether there was some connection between the two.
If the client needs more data, it must open a new connection.
My connection was a bit slow and quirky and it cut off a headline that said something about a disaster with the shuttle.
There needs to be a positive connection to the skeletal structure of the body, not a corset tightened around an arm or a leg.
But they are morally difficult only if you allow yourself some human connection to the other side.
Our minds happen to be embodied in our brains, but there is no essential connection between the mind and the brain.
And it has been climate change that has drawn our attention to the connection.
But that misses the point of the connection between expression and dignity.
When the hormone pulls in, a connection is made that enables new memories to form.

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