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For some academics, connecting with people comes naturally.
Not every course needs to be so structured for students to derive benefits from connecting learning and work.
By connecting rather than alienating in a public setting, it is a great catalyst for collaboration.
The connecting factor here is intellectual discipline and focus.
Corridors form the boundaries between neighborhoods, both connecting and defining them.
Shopping is the backdrop, but catching up and connecting with one another is usually the main event.
Have each group use their poster paper to create a web connecting the four or five organisms they chose.
Students should draw lines connecting organisms to each other.
Now, for the first time, scientists are connecting the dots.
Flaps of skin connecting limbs to body provide a winglike surface.
Strands headed out in all directions, connecting and reconnecting in unexpected places.
They make hundreds of them, connecting to each other.
And keep going in the currents all around the world connecting the way the world works.
The area of the corridor is bigger than the protected area it is connecting, a rarity in corridor projects.
But this track-connecting has been overwhelmingly in commerce and exports.
Paranoia and difficulties connecting with others are signs of psychosis, a mental illness in which people lose touch with reality.
Scientists think it is such neuronal firing and connecting that gives rise to all of the brain's higher functions.
The lines connecting these disparate findings are still tenuous, but studies are continuing to bring in new data.
Trillions of connections between billions of neurons connecting to each other.
Connecting the two issues is a hindrance to clear thinking.
In reality, connecting with many people with autism can be difficult, but it is intensely worthwhile for everyone involved.
Working backward through history and connecting effects with obscure causes is easy when you have detailed records.
It has space-time warpage, actually rather severe space-time warpage connecting the opposite walls of the cube together.
The ligaments connecting the pisiform bone are the articular capsule and the two volar ligaments.
From the second thoracic nerve it frequently receives a connecting twig, which ascends over the neck of the second rib.
The fibrous tissue invests the entire surface of the mamma, and sends down septa between its lobes, connecting them together.
The expressman-their only connecting link with the surrounding world-sometimes told wonderful stories of the camp.
Eventually, stacking multiple cells together and connecting them in series will increase the voltage.
The blue lines represent neural fibers connecting different parts of the brain.
The coated copper wires run on top of and perpendicular to the thin silver lines, connecting them to neighboring cells.
The vagus nerve runs between the brain and the abdomen, connecting the brain and the heart and other organs.
Building supercomputers is costly and involves connecting thousands of small computers in a data center.
The amalgam of equipment in various departments made connecting it all difficult, however.
And any time you take an active role, you're emotionally connecting.
Yep, he didn't make his connecting flight and he didn't make his client meeting.
Looking forward to connecting with our pals there and getting in a good ride.
Also, look for connecting flights as opposed to non-stops.
Yet it's obviously connecting on a grand scale and at a high intensity.
But really, these sites aren't about connecting and reconnecting.
Instead of connecting the jobless to new jobs, the employment system has seized up.
The highway looks a bit different with streaks of colored energy connecting the notes.
Imagine the slate connecting to the cloud and working in concert across all your devices.
There is no bridge or road connecting it to the closest town, and no electricity or functioning health clinic.
There are plenty of reasons why kids are not connecting to nature.

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