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Clearly, people were hungry for the old, connected ways of eating.
Squares and rectangles appear throughout the garden and shape three multilevel backyard patios connected by wide stairs.
The offsets are usually connected to the parent by a single root that's easy to sever.
And, surprisingly, it is possible that these facts are connected.
More and more are getting connected so that they can communicate the information they contain to the outside world.
Financial intermediation is in a lot of texts but only recently has it been connected to more systematic treatments of cycles.
Get connected with friends back in high school, share pics more easily across the globe.
Those who support it argue that other animals sing, too, and that their songs often seem to be connected with courtship.
The big question is how all these devices will be connected and controlled.
At the top, there are often cushy, well-paid jobs for the children of the well connected.
However, the ambitious restaurant on level nine and the escalator-connected walkways and viewing platforms are not.
The five poets who gave readings were connected, in some way or another, to humanitarian causes.
And the public funds have an odd habit of flowing towards politically connected projects.
It should refuse visas to dodgy individuals, however well-connected.
They are also connected to each other, and self-reinforcing.
Its base is directed toward the rectum, and connected to the central tendinous point of the perineum.
At the base of the lobule this vein opens directly into the sublobular vein, with which the lobule is connected.
Its upper border is thin, irregular, and connected to various bones along the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
So far as known there are no sympathetic afferent fibers connected with the nerve.
Occasionally the first tendon is connected to the second by a thin transverse band.
It consists usually of four lumbar ganglia, connected together by interganglionic cords.
Today more than ever, every place in our world is connected to every other place.
The wind spins the blades, which turn a shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity.
Current will flow from a panel connected to an electrical circuit.
More and more, scientists are learning that all living things are connected.
Ground squirrels live in underground nests often connected by tunnels.
The three remaining patches were of different shapes but equal in area to the connected patch plus its corridor.
In one experiment the researchers connected four steel-wire whiskers to strain gauges, which in turn were tied to a computer.
Encourage students to reflect on how the countries are connected through the pencil production process.
Point out that precipitation is represented by bars, while temperature is represented by points connected by a line.
Soon other researchers and scientists connected their computers to this network and shared information over long distances.
The route connected the state's coastal towns to its interior mining camps.
Many students feel pressure from those around them to be continually connected and responsive.
All of us are connected by the movement towards a more digital campus.
Obviously not all church-connected colleges insist on exact subscription to their own particular beliefs.
Now collaborative learning platforms enable students and teachers to stay connected wherever they are, night and day.
Record of scholarship connected to teaching and sustainability issues.
Full access is restricted to computers connected to the campus network.
Those people have to be connected to one another and to universities by information-sharing social networks.
Those made giddy by globalization believe that a more-connected world is a more-secure world.
Stay connected with peers as you move through the journey so that you can share and discuss your experiences as they take place.
Over time, that can help us discover how teaching and learning strategies are connected with students' progress.
Second, books-and commentaries on books-would start to be connected in ways they aren't now.
Those who feel connected to campus life are more inclined to feel content with their college choice.
More than at any other time of the year, people feel the need to stay connected to friends and family around the winter holidays.
Directly behind and connected to the eardrum-which is essentially, a large collector of sound-is the hammer.
The nodes of the tree denote the common ancestors of all the tips connected to that node.
The three spinning blades are connected to a shaft, which turns with the breeze.
The graph is a collection of dots, or vertices, connected by lines.
Two vertices connected by a line are said to be adjacent.
Working at home, connected to the office via the network link.
Privacy concerns are overblown, even in our always connected world.
The growers connected regularly to the website to check the status of their vineyards.
When tectonic plates shift, the crystals could transfer the energy they pick up to a grid-connected storage medium for later use.
Pretty much everything is connected to those time broadcasts now, based on those radiation cycles.
The two bodies of water are closely connected and provide fishing from both the shore and by boat.
The search giant's ambitious plan intends to turn the home into one connected device.
The result is a community that is unique yet increasingly connected with the rest of the globe.
They find meaning in something once meaningless, and suddenly we're all connected.
They are a wonderful history of so many areas and people connected to the war.
For that, someone should have connected electrodes to him and electrocuted him until he was dead.
The second is that it does its job too well: it keeps people so connected that it winds up hurting productivity.
However, staying connected as a virtual team goes beyond electronic communication.
Characters are not strangers to each other, but are connected in surprising and complicated ways.
But, they do more for the well-connected and the well-educated, thus amplifying underlying social differences.
Monopolies are the natural state of many businesses in highly-connected environments.
In legal projects, many people are connected to many of the other people on a project and information is widely distributed.
Email, texts, and phones keep us connected even when we're remote.
The various storylines are not obviously connected with one another even after several books.
Teenagers live in their own little world, only tangentially connected to the one the rest of us occupy.
At the same time they seem to be connected through a dynamic feedback loop.
The word dial is obviously connected with the round rotary dial mechanism.
By limiting our experience, it also connected our experience.
But they also limit their work to remain connected to their kids.
When you're married and you have that kind of connection, you become really spiritually, psychologically connected.
But the magnitude of the risks connected with terrorism raised questions about the efficacy of this approach.
Filling a tumbler with water at the old faucet connected you with the wider world.
He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don't have to be connected.
Anatomical studies look at neural wiring to learn what's connected to what.
It seems reasonable to think they might be connected.
Lashing about with long electric cables connected to their own bodies, they remove dissolved uranium from the water.
Doctors put a tube down his throat into his airway and connected him to a ventilator.
The scientists are connected by e-mail and cell phone.
The second being some other dimension where the particles remain connected despite being separated here in our observable four.
It might seem strange that hot flavours and drought tolerance could be so intimately connected.
The giant eye is connected to a giant brain, a computer of enormous speed and capacity.
On a tower, a prop pushed by wind spins a shaft connected to a generator.
The device hooks up to your home network, allowing any connected computer to store and retrieve data from it.
In conventional wind turbines, the blades spin a shaft that is connected through a gearbox to the generator.
Lightweight miniature hydraulics are connected to elastic chambers that can flex the joints of the fingers.
They're not hostile to us, logistics of oil transfer are simplified, and our economies are connected in a number of other ways.
Instead, the drive shaft is connected directly to a large metal flywheel.
In the bottom image, areas in yellow and red are those that are functionally connected to the blue spot.
Each neuron is connected to many others, and the strength of these connections changes constantly as the brain learns.
Free-piston engines do away with the crankshaft: the pistons aren't connected to anything.
It has two sensors, one at the wrist and another at the elbow, that are connected by thin conductive fibers.
The cap is connected to an amplifier, which is in turn connected to a computer that processes the electrical signals.
So the best connected nodes at one instant may not be the best connected at another.
Here the reservoir consists of a reasonably large number of nodes that are connected together at random.
Solar cells are series-connected into modules that are parallel-connected to panels.
Both approaches, however, suffer from low efficiencies because of the way the panels are connected.
The batteries can be stored in container wagons that are directly connected to the electric motor of the locomotives.
Leading her to a table, he pressed a switch connected to an elaborate apparatus that produced a spark and a snapping sound.
And the clubs by that point were connected to the past in what at the moment in time didn't help.
Because cinema is connected with image and with the emotional feeling.
Our individual connections to the bigger picture connected us all.
They are so well connected they were able to isolate this one case.
If it's a well-written piece of music that you're connected to in some way, it's going to work.
Chase is so paranoid about leaking plot points, it's as if he's forced everyone connected with the show to take an oath of omertà.
On finding the strongly connected components in a directed graph.
It will be refurbished and connected to the new six-story apartment building.
That's one of the major questions connected with this case.
The two propositions are not, in any case, identical or logically connected.
The characters with whom the novel is concerned make up an advantaged group-they are well educated and well connected socially.
Genet's work is unquestionably connected with a number of literary traditions.
In today's world, peace is closely connected with human rights.
His ferocity may have been more closely connected with the nature of his thought than is generally supposed.
It is precisely in that literature that to-keep-and-bear is a description of one connected process.

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