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Nor are you alone in conjuring up irrelevant interview scenarios.
No use fretting over it, conjuring up stories or motives or speculating widely.
Since then, the continent's financial woes have kept our cover designer busy conjuring up various ways to depict doom and despair.
But her real talent lies in conjuring up lives lived elsewhere and long ago.
As with the best conjuring tricks, there is some sleight of hand here: inflation targeting depends on credibility.
He cast himself at the feet of that holy abbot, conjuring him with many tears to receive him among his disciples.
Yet this conjuring trick produced only a single dimension of highly warped space.
So, you may end up conjuring up a phantom and may be mistaking it for a real thing.
Tells about several feats of conjuring he has performed.
Conjuring demand out of whole cloth is common currency for pioneers in any industry.
Even as recently as a few years ago, politicians still felt safe in conjuring up this grand vision of our future in space.
Physicists have long known that this kind of conjuring act is possible, but they have never observed it directly till now.
He stood aside, the grand manipulator conjuring order out of disorder and finding significance in apparent chaos.
But the conjuring of such horrors reflects theoretical possibilities, not political realities.
He detested the retreat of so much modern poetry into the conjuring of fleeting or trivial experience.
But it also appears to indicate that the home buyer credit is not conjuring up as much demand as hoped.
It's a ritual of transcendence, symbolized by a flag, conjuring a nation.
The historical novel then is always an act of conjuring.
At this point, to get them published would require conjuring some flimsy pretext that any smart observer would see through.
It piques the curiosity by conjuring visions of what might be at its terminus.

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