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Example sentences for conjure

Shamans used music to call upon spirits, conjure ancestors, discover birthplaces and connect with natural surroundings.
The tobacco was chewed to relieve fatigue and to help conjure visions.
Today the whole country continues to conjure images of headhunters with bows and arrows, and bones through their noses.
But nerves, the observer effect, and pedagogic blunders can conspire to conjure up the wrong impression of your teaching skills.
Respect and reconciliation are not the words they conjure.
The writer who travels by boat need only conjure a storm, or describe his great relief that the weather is fine.
Anatomy of a scientific bag of tricks to conjure up the likeness of an unknown face.
Emergency responders conjure images of firefighters or police officers.
If you let your imagination go a bit, you can conjure a whole village at work.
Words which recreate or conjure the agents of the poet's vision are relevant because they uplift the quality of living.
Libraries conjure up memories of books and learning about new subjects, ideas, and places.
Read a story or conjure up a fantasy for them on videotape.
Specific words conjure up a picture in your readers' minds and so convey a clearer message than abstract words.
Names of supervisors at these old stations conjure up an image of different times.
Such activities may not immediately conjure thoughts of environmental stewardship.

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