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Example sentences for conjunction

But, on the other hand, is a coordinating conjunction.
The toolbars work in conjunction with a standalone client.
These impoverished conditions, in conjunction with prolonged civil unrest, have marred the continuation of cultural traditions.
Children definitely learn by example, but they also can learn a lot from therapy in conjunction with pharma.
It does have to be done in conjunction with development of new resources and education and opportunities for those affected also.
In fact, the conjunction of cleared and forested lands actually creates wind known as a vegetation breeze.
The new system consists of advanced contact lenses working in conjunction with lightweight eyewear.
It's a conjunction of phenomenon as the main phenomenon is called the liquefaction of land.
We need to design for the pedestrian and biker in conjunction with car travel and rapid transit.
The government has periodically handed out the honour since, often in conjunction with a royal celebration.
But this approach works for a vanishingly small number of sites, and then only in conjunction with other sources of revenue.
The term integrative medicine refers to the conjunction of these practices with mainstream medical care.
But that, in conjunction with the recession, still only pushed home prices down a little.
Now, consider the economic implications of this trend in conjunction with increasing life expectancy.
We have to cut trillions of dollars in spending over the next decade in conjunction with raising the debt ceiling.
What it had was the fortunate moment, the decisive conjunction between performer and audience.

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