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Quantum chromodynamics is entirely built on inference, conjecture and speculation.
Such claims are an obfuscating amalgam of theory and conjecture, reality and fantasy, nonfiction and science fiction.
However it must not be based on mere conjecture or speculation.
Conjecture is inevitable: big shot may have been based on big gun, with a little help from the once popular big noise.
Exactly what role the atomic bomb played will always allow some scope for conjecture.
There was some conjecture as to fitness, but the experiment was tried.
There is, of course, a lot of evidence for the first part of this conjecture.
How far this will extend must at present be a matter of conjecture.
Their basic conjecture is that life is an emergent phenomena that occurs in systems that are far out of equilibrium.
The original conjecture remains no matter what form you are in.
Even if the human race turned into pure energy and rocketed through space by farting, the conjecture remains.
Indeed, aside from the projections of direct military costs, all of the estimates should be regarded as informed conjecture.
Steve did prove the point that you can move mountains and mislead minds with conjecture.
But my confidence in the latter conjecture is far weaker than in the former case.
When you talking about something of this magnitude, complete science needs to be performed, instead of conjecture.
The researchers conjecture that aphids might have pilfered the genes from a fungus that was infecting them.
At the end of the day it is all conjecture is it not.
No, maam, what you tout is neither science or even reasoned conjecture.
Current events are giving me facts to back my conjecture but at the end of the day it is still conjecture.
The quantum conjugate of the wave function is essential to experiment but without logical foundation apart from vague conjecture.
The author of this paper submits that a mathematics student needs to learn to conjecture and prove or disprove said conjecture.
It is unsupported by anything other than conjecture.
We test this conjecture by examining the skewness of market returns.

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