congregation in a sentence

Example sentences for congregation

The church has had a strong congregation active in the community and distinguished pastors.
For years he's made condolence calls or visits with members of his congregation whose pets have died.
The power of some of these preachers to really control their congregation.
No offence appeared to be taken by the congregation at this doctrine.
During my teens, two members of my parents' congregation died of cancer, despite all the prayers offered up on their behalf.
He wasn't on top of a rock yelling down at a congregation.
It is another thing to create a famous father who had a congregation and followers.
He told his congregation he was in treatment several months before his suicide.
Everybody in his community and his congregation knows me, and they support me a lot.
We extend deep sympathy to his loving family and devoted congregation.
It was built to serve the spiritual, cultural and social necessities of the growing congregation.
There are many resources to help you get the answers that will work for your congregation.

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