congratulations in a sentence

Example sentences for congratulations

She took the congratulations of her rivals and of the rest of the company with the simplicity that was her crowning grace.
Nothing but congratulations and affectionate speeches were heard on all sides.
Congratulations on making it to the top of your ice climb.
Congratulations on being selected as one of the participants to get to go.
Submit your questions, comments or congratulations now for the chance to have it included during this milestone event.
Congratulations again on your continuing fine coverage of issues of global importance.
Congratulations on a well-written, comprehensive and well-balanced account.
We made our compliment, told him he must let us join our congratulations to those of the nation on the happiness of his house.
Congratulations is not the right word for a project of this sort.
Finally, congratulations to all the writers and editors who produced this year's winning entries.
Congratulations to our intelligence community, our military and the president.
The president and his aides deserve congratulations.
If you're fortunate enough to have scored a job interview at a two-year college, congratulations.
Congratulations on your interview, this is a great accomplishment and a good step.
Congratulations on having a friendship aligned with your scholarship.
Congratulations on doing a good on-campus interview.
Congratulations to the winners and the important work they are doing.
First of all, congratulations on the second interview.
Congratulations to all there who are introducing changes in study methods and materials.
We're pleased to announce that congratulations are in order.
Congratulations for bringing together the dose levels to which people are exposed to in a telling graphic.
Congratulations to the ten teams for innovative and important research projects.
Congratulations to the all the participants, as well as to the winners.
And one stroke can be the difference between congratulations and condolences.
Congratulations to the scientists involved for making this great discovery.
Congratulations to the economists who noticed that there were categories missing.
Congratulations on never having lost control of your life.
Congratulations on showing how effective misinformation can be.
There was a post-crash fire, which was doused by rescue workers, who would deserve congratulations.
He deserves congratulations for winning such a vote even in the face of a costly war and a patchy economy.
Congratulations to those booksellers that see an uptick in sales.
Congratulations for the leading edge thinking with exciting follow on action.
Congratulations on the excellent tool you have devised and provided.
Congratulations to the lucky winners who will receive all of the benefits of a plus account.
Congratulations, gentlemen, and enjoy your virtual beers.
Visit their web page and send them a note of congratulations.
As soon as the engagement was announced, warnings flew thick and fast amid the stream of congratulations.
If you are the sort to celebrate such things then by all means do so with my hearty congratulations.
Congratulations on your strength and your proactive physician.
Congratulations and farewell to the state's newest retirees.

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