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Example sentences for conglomeration

It is a strange conglomeration of humanity that is trapped together during a power outage in a suburban shopping mall.
There are nonetheless limits to the advantages of media conglomeration.
Galactic clusters formed by dispersion, not by conglomeration.
The ingredient missing from the fitfully amusing conglomeration of characters is a character for the whole.
Within this conglomeration of disparate ideas, some coherence emerges.
The paper advantages of conglomeration extend beyond speculation and risk-spreading, however.
To say that a well-run conglomerate can sometimes succeed is hardly proof that conglomeration is a sound principle.
Investment bankers advise the benefits of conglomeration to get fees for acquisitions.
It's the buzzword, to be sure, in book publishing and other media in this era of conglomeration and consolidation.
For this new melodrama is a woefully dull and uninspired conglomeration of whodunit clichés.
It's an unbelievable conglomeration, with surprises in every corner.
These primitive organisms are a conglomeration of cells that filter water through pores.
Typical conglomeration of derelict fishing net and rope found entangling fishing gear.
These boundaries can consist of a conglomeration of many neighborhoods and can be too large.

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You learn from a conglomeration of the incredible past—whatever experience gotten in any way whatsoever.... more
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