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Confusion about the nature of the so-called information age has led to a state of collective false consciousness.
But there is a narrow spectra that when emitted only causes confusion and disorientation of the crowd.
The crowd stirred with confusion and the stadium quieted.
The large red circles intertwine with the next and can cause confusion to many people.
Somewhere in all this information may lie clues to help scientists cut through much of today's confusion.
The root of these heart-wrenching fluctuations between cognizance and confusion has eluded scientists for years.
Not only is the phrase a bit ominous, it's also a source of confusion.
Dementia that occurs with metabolic disorders may cause confusion and changes in intellect or reasoning.
The rest will be at various stages of boredom, frustration, or confusion.
Confusion arises because there are competing indices, including different currencies with different weights.
The range of organic probiotic drinks to choose from can cause confusion.
In the meantime, try sitting in a different room from where your confusion is.
The blog post signals further confusion from a company in upheaval.
But in the hearing world, from blogosphere to op-ed page, observers expressed confusion about what the issues really were and why.
Confusion about the implications of the new measures is not restricted to anxious pensioners.
Confusion and criticisms are already swirling amidst excitement over the findings.
But somehow it hits the right note online because it cuts down on the confusion for students.
The confusion of those things has led to mistaken conclusions being drawn from it.
The labels free-range and cage-free can cause confusion.
But for scholars of language evolution, this apparent singularity was a source of confusion.
Although the act has succeeded in helping many genuinely disabled people into jobs, it has also sown huge confusion.
Even advocates of the reforms express some confusion about where things stand.
Other firms have sought to capitalise on the confusion.
The differing findings have caused confusion and acrimony in communities where drilling is under way.
Mammography's shortcomings have spawned controversy and confusion.
The result for the reader is confusion and inconvenience.
Yet multiple use of an abbreviation only creates confusion.
These representations are often limited and can't quite reveal the humor, boredom, and confusion inherent in combat.
There is further confusion in linking the heart with the center of emotion.
The drug companies are making billions on this confusion.
One problem that won't be solved is customer confusion.
There's some confusion over when the two sides will resume talking.
And spotty coverage isn't the only factor contributing to consumer confusion.
What happened next has disappeared into an anguished blur of guilt and confusion.
It's a confusion in categories that betrays a breakdown in logic which has confused issues of causation.
The reading strategies give students tools to limit and control confusion.
To be a scientist is to commit to a life of confusion punctuated by rare moments of clarity.
There is confusion about the point at which the withholding tax might be deducted.
However, there seems to be some confusion of cause and effect here.
Indeed, having too many leaders with conflicting opinions results in confusion.
Confusion results by not recognizing limitations of knowledge.
The stern face across the room, picking up on their confusion through a trick in the apartment's acoustics, broke into a smile.
The cause of the illnesses was a matter of confusion and fearful rumor.
Sit awhile and clear the mind of whatever it senses, and think of nothing, will help to clear the confusion of the mind.
Apologies for any confusion caused by the original wording.
In truth the whole problem goes much deeper than a simple confusion of scientific terminology.
It also causes occasional short-term memory confusion.
There is also considerable public confusion about climate science and possible remedies.
Confusion has developed about the naming of these two stages.
We added a parenthetical in the introductory text to clear up any confusion over who is pictured.
To prevent later confusion, label each container with the plant name and sowing date.
Although this problem has received some media attention recently, confusion still remains regarding a number of key facts.
He was motionless for a moment, and then with a noiseless tread began running through the green confusion.
That, right there, was the beginning of my own confusion.
The demonstrators could be forgiven for their confusion.
Some of this puffs-of-smoke confusion seems easy to explain.
Stopping or changing medications that make confusion worse may improve brain function.
Exposure for short periods can cause headaches, dizziness and confusion.
Request the daily check-out time to minimize confusion and avoid late fees and other penalties.
The problem we've seen in adoption is one of confusion.
In case you shared my confusion on this topic, the sampling of messages below may be useful to you as well.
Writing should be her safe haven, her place to experiment, her place to work through her confusion and feelings and thoughts.
As he attempts to engage in banter, guests and host look on in puzzled confusion.
There is also disagreement and confusion about which committee actually takes responsibility for dealing with these sites.
About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was finally put down.
There appear to be two primary reasons for the confusion, both of which may also help explain why there's no clear objective.
Odd that a plan whose main virtue, according to supporters, is its simplicity should be causing such confusion.
There seems to be much confusion and awkwardness about the delayed exercise.
Judging from the clothes-and the exhibition-confusion is exactly the point.
Both films end on notes of exhaustion, confusion, and dysfunction.
It was a necessary act to limit the risks to the squad, and to keep the confusion from growing.
His movements are sullen and lumbering, his face numbed by corpulence, his natural resting expression a look of confusion.
If an animal has two different names, or if one name refers to several different species, the result is confusion and chaos.
But this has created a lot of confusion: the standard definition of recession needs rethinking.
But when it failed to stand up to scrutiny, confusion-and eventually outrage-ensued.
Second, there is growing confusion about what the revamped rescue fund should do.
But the rapid change in policy, and the confusion it has wrought, does expose one of the prime minister's foibles.
Confusion attempts to effect an opponents perception and or measurement of size, speed or direction of travel.
Red tape, petty protectionism, restrictive labour laws and confusion between different levels of government deter investment.
The confusion all stems from one basic problem: a lack of leadership.
Many of the symptoms of hypothermia resemble those of a drunken stupor: sleepiness, clumsiness, confusion and even slurred speech.
The main area of confusion is cost differences between home and commercial deployment.
Further adding to the confusion, different cards make different choices.
But new areas of technology always emerge through chaos and confusion over their mission.
What is meant by human uniqueness is also a point of confusion among scientists.
So there is no confusion regarding change in measurement with respect to change in time from t1 and t2.
And the confusion regarding inhalant or two shots or one shot.
It is the response to confusion and not understanding.
The whole article lacks rigor and sews more confusion than clarity.
It is an insult to reason, a false distraction, and an accelerant for confusion.
Drink from it and your veil of confusion will disappear.
If he doesn't, he will probably give up in confusion.
The confusion, wonder and consequences waiting for you outside the wire.
The origin and extent of your confusion has now been clarified.
They have clearly benefited from confusion in the market.
All this tends to create confusion about what menopause really means.
The confusion underscored the difficulty climate researchers face in communicating their findings to the public.
There is confusion here between macroscopic and microscopic variables.
Since both lie on top of each other, and both involve differences in light and shade, the potential for confusion is high.
Maybe it's the vagaries of the whole debate that keep the confusion fueled.
Commentators cast around in vain for suitable points of comparison and his own avowed literary admirations add to the confusion.
Clarity has given way to confusion, and on an almost unimaginable scale.
There is much confusion over what a public plan signifies.
Where elections take place, they likely will prompt confusion, as groups with uncertain political experience compete.
The presence of immigrants adds to feelings of confusion.
There is more than one world, and more than one set of virtues: confusion between them is disastrous.
They affirm that the buzzing, blooming confusion of the universe can be reduced to a tidy vertical column.
Later symptoms progress to confusion, balance problems and seizures.
Shock after shock threw civilization into confusion.
To add to the general cognitive confusion, flash floods can happen quickly, without any warning at all.
When he's miming alarm or confusion, for example, he does terrific things with his eyes.
But relationship status doesn't have to be a source of confusion and despair.
All these deals have generated as much confusion as excitement.
But there's a certain pleasure to be found in confusion.
There seemed to be a lot of confusion, and many of the demonstrators felt angry and impatient.
One element of confusion, if not contention, is the tax bill due on dramatically discounted homes bought at foreclosure auctions.

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