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Before the remodel, the home's confusing floor plan blocked easy access to the rear garden and kept rooms dark and cramped.
Choosing the right products to keep your plants healthy can often be a bit confusing.
The result is sometimes confusing, because it mixes two different orders of scientific conceptions.
She hung back while he led her through confusing doorways and helped her over the piles of laths that littered the floors.
It is always confusing when going from one room to the next in a museum to know which way to turn.
Some aspects of the discovery, though, are still confusing for the scientists.
She keeps track of this confusing and colorful aerial menagerie with a little biological sleuthing.
These intentionally confusing spaces are created in part by a long void that cuts through the length and height of the museum.
There will be fewer confusing meal choices and more healthier, premium products such as salads, yoghurts and sliced fruit.
It was a confusing performance, and many were duly confused.
The idea was to enter the confusing online-video market by starting a service from scratch-and doing it properly.
Perhaps unfairly, they are criticised both for holding back information, and for confusing people by revealing too much.
Confusing laws and state meddling have thwarted efforts to privatise industry and attract foreign investment.
Particularly confusing has been the proliferation of health icons that adorn food packaging.
The information here could be characterized in a number of ways, but confusing is a non-obvious one.
None of this is as confusing in practice as it may sound.
And when they do come across it, it is so confusing that they think it should be outlawed.
No one's sure, but the pattern may repel insects or distort the animal's outline in dim light, confusing predators.
Mate sharing among bats can make for some confusing relationships.
Often advertising claims are confusing or downright deceptive.
Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products can be confusing.
In other words, it's large, and potentially largely confusing.
Yeah you can definitely tell that the author had something epic in mind but it was definitely confusing.
Griffin explains how he became invisible, and it is confusing.
It's a somewhat confusing book, but once you get into it, you won't be able to put if down.
Light pollution can disrupt ecosystems by confusing the distinction between night and day.
Seeds, staples of backyard bird feeding, come in a sometimes confusing variety.
But the brand and store fragmentation is another confusing component of a deeply confusing product launch.
Today, with a clear-head, things seem more ingenious than confusing.
It's a confusing amalgam of symbols and verbs, a vernacular all of its own that isn't immediately accessible.
Then it faded away, a murky incident in a confusing war.
Stem cell biology is confusing, even to the journalists who cover it.
But new research shows that it also tends to be confusing.
Failure to distinguish between the two techniques is confusing for the non medic reading this article.
In fact the explanation of the solution was far more confusing than the card problem itself.
It's confusing, but not because it refers to a former prime minister.
Presumably, the monkeys found it confusing when something good was paired with something bad.
There are ideas and quotes there that are confusing and contradictory.
Yes, the science has weird ideas and it can be confusing.
Confusing sadness and depression actually harms people both ways.
The promotion is slightly more confusing then your typical quarterly promotion.
Things are about to get even more confusing for smart phone shoppers.
But such codes can produce a confusing picture of a patient's health.
Please realize you are confusing small molecules with recombinant human proteins.
Making matters even more confusing, national borders often provide little protection.
In my experience, however, users find personalized menus confusing.
Yet something does not seem right, again its dark and confusing.
Scientists keep confusing what could be a memory effect with time travel.
Having said all that and probably confusing a few of you.
Also, you present the thought experiment in a confusing manner.
We present here five of these confusing cartoons, along with their intended meanings.
The message was confusing because the magazine, in those days, was confused.
When you see a great dancer for the first time, it can be a confusing experience.
Writer describes his family stove, which has knobs arranged in a manner confusing to his father.
The psychiatric literature is so confusing that even the dissidents disagree.
It gets more confusing: there are two competing military chiefs.
People are too confusing for many autistic children and robots are more consistent in their expressions and movements.
But he then muddies the waters by confusing congestion charges with bike lanes.
It was confusing, but the audience applauded wildly.
It is too redolent of voodoo economics to be financially credible and too confusing to impress the voters.
Cascading waterfalls as urinals and fountains for washing hands are downright confusing.
Regrouping species according to cladistics has only complicated an already confusing and outdated system, they say.
To make matters confusing, stress also can help memory.
Relativity is confusing enough for conventional objects.
If all this sounds strange and confusing, welcome to the bizarre world of the mathematics of forgiveness.
Look at our confusing state: normal levels of testosterone are a prerequisite for normal levels of aggression.
Such a presentation must be immensely confusing to a novice or a layperson.
Empirical findings in this field are confusing, often contradictory, and not reproducible.
To the average voter, his endlessly detailed answers sounded confusing and therefore deceptive.
Matching confusing new realities to historical experience.
Compared with this confusing ad climate, imagine a television event.
Electricity bills are confusing, and don't arrive until long after the damage is done.
Perhaps the students were confusing the word gerontology with geology.
Early filing and withdrawal dates generally keep the ballot there cluttered and confusing, unaffected by the results elsewhere.
For them, the advice is confusing and heartbreaking, maybe even insulting.
The downside is that it is really confusing and inefficient.
These are the confusing facts which await adjustment.
They are disturbing, confusing, and they have a multiple significance.
The story, despite a confusing flashback structure, is coherent.
It is also a pleasantly unpedantic lesson in writing a short, coherent history of a long and confusing period.
Ironically, his appeal to bigness of brain is a prime example of confusing a byproduct with an adaptation.
In retrospect, the interim consequences can be confusing.
He stood before us, wavering between confusing possibilities.
What follows is a confusing period, in which harsh treatment alternated with more lenient.
But for anyone interested in medieval studies, the historical-minded alterations of the myth are confusing.
One has multiple enjoyable but confusing plot twists, and one is a well done but ultimately straightforward action movie.
Where preferential voting gets confusing-and interesting-is in how the votes are tallied.
He's confused and he's confusing, and yet, he has to project this sort of ultimate confidence.
Even for long-time viewers and hardcore fans, it's kinda confusing.
The short-term results are often messy and confusing.
New detection techniques and treatments are exciting--and confusing.
Aggravation can be found daily in any marketplace from poor merchandise, confusing guarantees and disgruntled sales help.
ERs can be unfriendly, confusing places, and medical needs are often misunderstood.
We offer clarity in a confusing world, explaining not only what happened but why it matters.
But keeping track of the confusing patchwork of cell phone laws around the country is enough to drive motorists to distraction.
It gets a little confusing when you start talking about trans-fatty acids.
Confusing a model with reality: consensus sequences.
Specifically they believe that the steps are too many and too confusing.

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