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In the same way-by reconstructing it and confronting the patient with it.
And yet all these questions were not new ones suddenly confronting him, they were old familiar aches.
For if any marked instance of loyal friendship in confronting or sharing danger comes to light, every one applauds it to the echo.
The good news is that politicians are finally confronting the messiness.
To read it one would believe the human species is, at best, confronting a difficult future.
The second step toward recovery involves confronting fear.
In our intimately connected world, dealing with one challenge means confronting many.
Confronting the enormous problem will require solutions on many fronts.
Now he was confronting the limits of that success, and he appeared surprised and aggrieved.
His descendants came to create a thriving chocolate empire-but not without confronting challenges to their values.
Audience members shared stories about confronting their own workplace hurdles.
But it was as if the pirates inhabited a different dimension from that of the governments confronting them.
Then, taking an unlikely route, she found herself once again confronting the mysteries of bees head-on.
No sense confronting the locals over a little ice mining.
They'd have an emotional attachment to it, and they wouldn't give it up without confronting it.
It was left to the viewer to decide whether torture is always wrong, even when confronting an enemy that had committed genocide.
He is one of the main people actively confronting and challenging woo-woos.
While he did explain his cues when confronting the surgeon, that was pretty much it.
As nonsensical as these claims are, not confronting them is much worse than confronting them.
If you try to brush those issues under the rug, rather than confronting them straightforwardly, your credibility suffers greatly.
He did what comes naturally for any freshman confronting the bare-walled anonymity of his new dormitory room.
Consider two lizards confronting each other over a mutually desired resource such as a nest site, a mate, or a morsel of food.
The sense that the future confronting art-school graduates is increasingly uncertain has figured in many curricular revisions.
Then once they get their results back, she noted, they often become paralyzed by the range of options confronting them.
We have a provost on campus who has told us to send disruptive students to him, not even to bother confronting them.
Also, confronting a search committee is probably not the best idea.
My only disagreement with a previous poster would be about confronting her with the inappropriateness.
The first step in changing our situation is honestly confronting it, as painful as it may be.
Until these two issues are addressed, many professors shy away from confronting a student with accusations of cheating.
But success, as any new-age executive coach might tell you, requires confronting the fear of failure.
Dealing with the end of progress is also partly about confronting the myth.
Overcapacity is not the only structural problem confronting the carmakers.
Confronting his enlarging gut, he promises to make his ten-mile round-trip commute by bike, not car.
The problems confronting the next administration are formidable.
The students practise confronting alternative world views.
Another motivation may be the looming patent-expiry crisis confronting many big drugs companies.
Confronting them are goods from branded manufacturers, which must pay for the privilege of appearing in the grocery department.
The commission is often hesitant about confronting national governments head on, but in this case it should hold firm.
In confronting this dilemma, government policymakers are undoubtedly hoping that there will be no need for a major intervention.
For some countries, this means confronting their own fiscal challenges.
His character is confronting relationship woes with his two daughters and struggling with a decision to sell family land.
Neither shied away from the risks inherent in confronting history and mythology.
Yet without confronting the theoretical framework, one cannot understand the argument.
Surely confronting the past, without either self-delusion or despair, is a start.
To school officials and public health advocates who favored the measure, this was a question of confronting reality.

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With all of its bad influences, T.V. is not to be feared.... It can be a fairly safe laboratory for confrontingmore
Useful, untrustworthy, as a conveyor of commerce; Then only a problem confronting the builder of bridges.... more
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