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Historically, the route to fixing broken systems goes through struggle, confrontation and even revolution.
Though the confrontation may have been unusual, the outcome was not.
For the first time, they will be able to get right in the middle of a prehistoric confrontation never witnessed by any human.
He isn't shy about the confrontation of failure and he doesn't hold back negative feedback.
Yet a policy of confrontation rather than cooperation is entertained instead.
Here, the media has done a poor job, raising the strake for confrontation through distortion.
When piranhas enter into a confrontation they'll make a barking noise.
It is still seething over the losses that it sustained in the mutiny, but a confrontation with the government is unlikely.
Now those two opposing propositions are facing their moment of final confrontation.
No less unavoidable is a confrontation with the unions.
Society prefers to look the other way and avoid the confrontation.
The alternative is also clear: a military confrontation.
But the movement has split into warring factions-and some of them are keen on confrontation.
Comedy is about aggression and confrontation and power.
Yet there can be little doubt it was an unusually large confrontation.
Check out the full video of the confrontation after the jump.
Try to suppress commentary or laughter and do not look backwards to see if they want a confrontation.
On his return, he persuaded a policeman to accompany him as he followed the couple to the inevitable confrontation.
Yellow evidence markers littered the ground on the block where the confrontation began.
But the plot twist that led to the confrontation was wonderfully done.
Those instruments allow us some measure of freedom in the confrontation with nature.
Archaeologists have found little direct evidence of confrontation between the two peoples.
Businesses that actually took care of their workers saved money and avoided all of the risk involved in violent confrontation.
But the court reversed course this week, and issued a new opinion that effectively ended the possible confrontation.
In particular, he feels at a loss when it comes to confrontation, both at home and in business dealings.
Not everybody agreed with me about the nature of this confrontation.
Soon-Yi's big confrontation with her family came the following weekend.
When conditions maximized humiliation and confrontation, every interaction escalated into a trial of strength.
The case may perhaps remain as an example of the advantage of consultation over confrontation.
They heckled protesters entering the square in a similar way, trying to provoke a confrontation.
The talk was all of a coming confrontation with the colossus to the north, and its local octopus clientele.
They want social change, but without seeking confrontation with the government.
He has a point, though, that an election in itself would not end the cycle of confrontation.
Yet there is in fact still plenty of time to avoid a more serious confrontation.
Some see confrontation as inevitable when a rising power elbows its way to the top table.
Each side is jealous of its prerogatives but eager to avoid confrontation.
In my view, the benefits of a confrontation are unlikely to outweigh the costs.
The first is the possibility of ideological confrontation.
They stepped back, and without a confrontation, the moment subsided.
They refused and, in the confrontation that followed, several were shot and wounded by police.
The night of the confrontation my father could not have stayed away for long.
The show traded on his geniality, and it was a rare afternoon when controversy or confrontation ruled the day.
Avoid confrontation and seek professional help when necessary.
Heated discussions ensued, with police on occasion moving in to prevent any confrontation.

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