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No artist can be reproached for shrinking from a risk which only fools run to meet and only genius dare confront with impunity.
Talk to them, and you confront every modern challenge in weighing what medicine can do, versus what it should.
Talk to all sides, and you confront every modern challenge in weighing what medicine can do vs what it should.
Or they do not want to confront the intensified security, the risk of bomb threats.
On the other hand, thankfully, he has yet to confront a serious crisis.
Wendy undergoes cognitive therapy to confront her fear of heights.
Knowing how the brain works up the courage to confront fear could help.
Journalists who cover technology and business also confront embargoes.
Despite sustained efforts to confront this problem, elite colleges sometimes seem to be compounding it.
The world has enough threatening crises to confront without accepting yet another.
Matt's mission is to confront these animals head-on and relocate them.
But, humanity must confront all these issues which can no longer be ignore because globally the effects will spread.
But ultimately, this borderless collaboration will have to confront the tensions of the political world.
It seemed an ethical imperative to confront the transformation of everyday life.
They are the one group that the military regime might hesitate to confront.
Others take a quiet approach and simply confront the animals with a silent stare.
My own feeling is that our meetings confront us with administrative imperatives that make room for only small details.
If something goes wrong, they want to be able to jump on a plane and confront the problem in a couple of hours.
Made federal agencies confront abysmal computer-security performance.
Everyone in the restaurant came out to confront him and he ran off.
Global warming denial guys don't even confront global warming.
It can teach us some of the diverse ways in which oppressed human beings confront and transcend oppression.
Both machines immediately confront the user with annoying software configuration problems.
They are prepared to confront their sophisticated audiences as well as delight them.
Discuss with students other problems that might confront creatures of the deep.
Even action heroes can find themselves foiled by the gadgets they confront.
These are the challenges that global leaders confront.
It was inevitable that an era so trusting in the powers of the mind would from time to time confront a mirror opposition.
Research on autism is only starting to confront that problem.
There are a number of different cultures that you confront.
Don't count on the search engines to confront the problem, though.
It can no longer confront the many threats it faces simply by spending more money.
Each week, a new time-traveling guest star visits the tavern to confront his or her destiny.
Every so often, though, he tried to confront himself.
But it's not as if there are clear alternatives to confront an insidious and deadly problem.
Other people appear to retreat, even if briefly, before they confront whatever it is they are facing.
Armed with it he might boldly confront the dreadful spectres that would cross his path on his adventurous journey.
It may also have to confront some awkward questions about its future role.
He was not afraid to roll up his sleeves, confront his opponents and court unpopularity.
She never liked to acknowledge, let alone confront, disagreeableness within her family.
He was also famously outspoken and not afraid to confront clients.
If the elephants decide to stop running and confront the squad, they are totally defenseless-they will get killed.
Efforts to confront problems such as global climate change must involve many different countries.
In order to end a fear your dog must confront and conquer the fear.
They are expected to confront the darkness and show evidence that they have done so in their papers.
We want them to immerse themselves in other cultures, to confront other ways of being and doing.
Katrina rebuilding efforts confront low literacy rate.
The actor's set was interrupted when he jumped into the crowd to confront a heckler.
Cities may well confront a triple specter of climate change, scarcity of energy and resources, and broken supply lines.
To fully confront the tarsier's bizarre anatomy, you must stare it in the face.
Unless you fight, unless you really confront each other with differences of opinion, you don't really know each other.
It's always a shock, though, to confront the difference in all its particulars.
She was being asked to confront an intense need that she didn't understand.
If he wants to win anything, he's going to need to confront it.
It's a question the justices will have to confront right in the middle of next spring's primary season.
We have to confront the new time with a new question.
In the end, of course, the country will have to confront this question.
Households that are not saving enough must confront and act on their retirement-income needs.
He would rather suffer fools in silence, waiting for them to talk themselves out, than confront them.
The good news is that the nation doesn't really have to confront any of these awful outcomes.
As a result, though many of them whispered against her, none of them ever dared to confront her directly.
First the addict has about four hours of waking dreams in which he seems to confront inner demons.
As long as he keeps pushing, it will be a while before any of the resident males works up the nerve to confront him.
Now he would confront another menace: the purveyors of comic books that, one psychologist claimed, made kids go bad.
Grants represent historic investment to confront rural homelessness.
As long as scholars don't confront the top leadership head-on, they can write in scholarly journals pretty much as they choose.
They have the physical and military resources with which to confront the problem.
But eventually all sides must honestly confront the lessons of what went wrong.
There is no way to confront that horror aesthetically.
But there are steps that should be taken to confront the horrors our government has perpetrated.

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