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Confounded investigators finally decided that the words had been the product of an incredible series of coincidences.
Results of such are highly confounded and no conclusions can be drawn from them.
It confounded my senses and rendered them nearly useless.
It's easily confounded by countermeasures and isn't specific enough to detect particular intentions.
Such details as have bean published here serve only to make the confusion more confounded.
The government is confounded by the collapse of the price of oil.
So, all your efforts are confounded by the growing population.
Psychological phenomenon are fair game for science regardless of whether the subjects delusions are confounded with politics.
Older people are often confounded that they are still being ridden.
The people who suffer from schizophrenia are hardly the only ones confounded by its symptoms.
Her legs were swollen, her toenails had grown into claws and her bedroom was so jumbled even the mice were confounded.
Hmm, it seems to me that the relationship is confounded by geographic region.
But the market seems to have confounded its critics.
But the panel has already confounded its critics with the boldness of its proposals.
Yet technological advances have always confounded the gloom-mongers.
Medicine has also been confounded by statistically based procedures.
He tells a tale of nascent initiatives confounded by events.
Two small secular parties, meanwhile, confounded opinion polls.
Treatment of its complications has confounded researchers for nearly two decades.
Over the course of a few hours, its cameras returned a handful of images that confounded planetary scientists for years.
As a result of this ongoing and collective scientific blunder, migraine remains confounded with caffeine withdrawal headache.
Malthusians, whose descendants until quite recently predicted that the world would run out of food, have thereby been confounded.
He has also confounded them with his attempts to rethink the loss-making airport system.
Though the former is confounded by facial hair and burkas.
He confounded those who thought he was too dilettantish and self-effacing to be a proper president.
Simple tips for those confounded by the micro-blogging site.
The original design was so complicated that it confounded even the engineers demonstrating it at the vehicle's coming-out party.
Basque extremist group has repeatedly confounded predictions of demise.
Their chains did not hinder them from serving the church, and they confounded the heretics wherever they went.
The different sorts of plays must not be confounded.
Nullification and secession, so often confounded, are indeed antagonistic principles.
But finding a way to mimic the ability cheaply and efficiently has confounded engineers for decades.
Eos officials say they have solved several problems that have confounded previous efforts.
Malaria has confounded some of the best minds of this century.
There isn't an expectation that hasn't been confounded.
So far, this primary season has confounded journalistic expectations.
Second, the employment effects of the minimum wage increases are inevitably confounded with other economic factors.
On the other hand, some of the food confounded such easy distinctions.
What has confounded fake-meat producers for years is the texture problem.

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