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In fact, the problems that now confound robot programmers are puzzles that human infants often solve before their first birthday.
Soft objects confound its algorithms, since their boundaries aren't fixed.
The objective of the abstract should not be to confound, but to reveal, to be understood.
The mortgage modification conundrum continues to confound policy wonks.
If there were differences in the shape of the distributions, your reader would be right and it would confound interpretation.
The complexity of the relationship between genes and behaviors will always confound simple-minded efforts to link the two.
No error is more common than to confound democracy as an element in national character with democracy as a form of government.
Most appear to confound changed leaves with withered ones, as if they were to confound ripe apples with rotten ones.
It might be called sentimental by those who confound true and false sentiment in one condemnation.
Tell the truth, and so puzzle and confound your adversaries.
He makes a recapitulation of the heresies he had confuted, and says that their novelty alone suffices to confound them.
But let us be careful not to confound unity with simplicity of plot.
None but those who do not care about opinions, will confound it with intolerance.
Where that happens, they confound the sentiments of morality, and alter the natural boundaries of vice and virtue.
He chooses the weak and the things that are not, to confound and beat down the wise and the strong.
And with a little scientific background you can throw around terms and ideas that would confound the uninformed.
With more than three months to polling day, there may still be time for the president's party to confound the doomsayers.
Many things, such as whether a patient will survive, involve factors which would confound a computer.
She points out that the oft-repeated examples of fatherless woe confound the impact of being raised by a single parent.
Leave the house and find things out, preferably things that surprise and confound one's initial predispositions.
The main problem with your article is that you confound satisfaction, clearly specified in both surveys, with happiness.
He had decided to change hotels to confound his pursuers, but it was a late hour and he could find no room unbooked.
Winter weather could confound travelers again this holiday weekend.
But he still seems destined to confound critics who try to label him.
Then you also have the issues of trying to find causal relationships when all you have is a nest of confound-ridden correlations.
When you have a set of characters which confound expectations from phylogeny that warrants some investigation.
They're good for game play, but they do confound the physics lesson a bit.
The placebo effect has a impressive ability to confound expectations.
The second confound involves field popularity and selection.
At last he will have his chance to rise in court, confound the judge, tear at the heart strings of the jurors.
In an attempt to confound him, they turned off on a clearly unused road.
The paper describes an unacknowledged artifact that may confound experimental evaluations of innovations.
The use of concomitant drugs that would confound the efficacy evaluation.

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