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Example sentences for conformity

When they all fall into step, he points out the ease and danger of conformity.
Unfortunately, rural areas do have different cultures, and different pressures about group conformity.
Broadcasters are thus caught between the state and the market, between conformity and populism.
Egalitarian in spirit, this policy manifests itself as uniformity within conformity.
Furthermore, discussion groups establish unique norms of linguistic and social behavior so there are biases toward conformity.
Education is about conformity and drugs aid in that endeavor.
That's the kind of thing that leads to well-known phenomena of conformity, obedience to authority, and groupthink.
Do not be swayed by political conformity or accept superficial sources of information regardless of the trust you feel for them.
As in biology, diversity arises more easily when populations are isolated, and conformity when not.
Maybe it's the consistency of belief that devolves into mere conformity.
Today conformity is once again a bigger threat than chaos.
All things equal, you refer back to the advertising or the packaging or conformity with your friends and family.
In theater, their ilk has long been presented as the opposite of suburban conformity.
Personality development, on the other hand, is not about conformity.

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