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In the years since, conflicting rumors had circulated about the objects.
They can-and have-issued conflicting warning messages.
Minimalism bridged seemingly conflicting musical categories.
However, wading through an abundance of conflicting information can seem daunting.
Ask them to identify the conflicting viewpoints and offer their own ideas about the issues raised.
Maybe it is more to be pitied-as the recipient of conflicting marching orders.
Melinda is in a unique position to understand the conflicting views of this community.
Throughout much of the peninsula the nomad came to embody two conflicting ideas.
Pulled by conflicting desires, the group moved up and down the riverbed.
Females could profit in different ways from displaying such conflicting signals, the scientists explained.
For parents of gender variant children, the decisions they face have lifelong and sometimes horribly conflicting consequences.
Which are usually thought of as two conflicting lifestyles.
But when you attempt to reconstruct it in words, you will find that it breaks into a thousand conflicting impressions.
Discusses the conflicting interests and the manpower required to treat infested trees.
And it's not up to me to resolve those conflicting opinions.
The images of movies reflect the work of many people and even a director's own conflicting ideas.
He has a special skill at negotiating among conflicting groups.
There are studies in rodents that have conflicting outcomes, some indicating risk and others not.
Tells about the conflicting stories surrounding the night of the killings.
Because even the best scientists have conflicting models of what's going to happen.
After eight days, our presumptions were turned upside down, splitting us into camps with conflicting opinions.
The motives for enhancing internationalization and globalization are multiple, and conflicting.
They disagreed with each other on everything, and my research became a battleground for their conflicting ideologies.
Those groups may have conflicting hopes and expectations.
The experts offered a variety of oftentimes conflicting opinions.
It's not easy to make sense of all these conflicting views.
Too often, policy debates consist of two sides presenting conflicting statistical evidence.
Nothing will be accomplished unless conflicting stakeholder interests are given a place in decision making models.
These conflicting interests are reflected in the new law, whose first draft was introduced seven years ago.
There were conflicting reports on the number killed.
The response to these conflicting pressures has been varied.
Its messy birth was attended by sharp political battles and conflicting arguments about its role.
Conflicting laws until now scattered the task of control among state fisheries authorities, those of the park, and the navy.
The revelations, and the company's response, have generated conflicting responses.
The suspected pirates of course deny responsibility, but they are reported to have given conflicting evidence to investigators.
Even a question as seemingly objective as whether physical punishment was used elicited conflicting answers.
Such conflicting demands made an already difficult task harder.
Conflicting figures this week on the housing market did little to resolve this uncertainty.
But two conflicting versions cannot both, in the long run, be true.
Indeed, having too many leaders with conflicting opinions results in confusion.
Governments, on the other hand, face a whole range of sometimes conflicting political pressures.
The many and often conflicting demands of a local community are not.
But it has always been a mishmash of evolving and often conflicting ideas rather than a coherent creed.
In fact, governments are sending out conflicting signals.
Conflicting reports of how much radiation was spreading farther afield were enough to cause panic.
Motion sickness is caused by the conflicting signals your brain receives when you are traveling in any type of vehicle.
There are two conflicting theories of social influence at work here.
The problem is that your old account is conflicting with the new one.
When these are damaged, we're at the mercy of a flood of incoming sensory impressions and conflicting impulses.
The ultimatum game brings out conflicting impulses in human beings.
It suggests that there are only two conflicting points of view.
Previous investigations into the effects of early exposure to animals have returned conflicting results.
Recently in a nearby town, a friend stopped to ask directions and got four conflicting answers from different people.
These discrepancies could easily account for the conflicting claims of parking spaces per car, or whatever.
Free will is an abstract construct solely meant to describe our ability to make various, often conflicting, choices.
Conflicting airspeed readings led to a major catastrophe.
It turns out there are lots of conflicting recommendations.
We are inescapably caught in a world of conflicting visions of historical destiny.
There are so many conflicting political interests that prevent anything from happening.
Your students have been entering the program at a time of conflicting signals about the military as a calling.
As such, it would be open to splits and internal conflicts, and to manipulation by those with conflicting agendas.
What power the judicial system has for sorting through conflicting claims, even those based on emotion.
Sometimes a program's open-source components turn out to be governed by conflicting licenses.
Back and forth went proposals, more studies, and conflicting objections.
Enter the same search term into ten different search engines, and you're likely to get ten conflicting sets of results.
It also aptly calls up the conflicting elements at work in his films: the effervescent and the feverish.
He had experienced so little emotionally that his conflicting needs must have been a mystery even to himself.
He was beginning to tune out the conflicting voices to a pinched whine, dialing out the indoor traffic.
All that could affect his heart and his imagination was now moving, and conflicting in the liveliest strife within him.
The result of these conflicting tendencies was twofold.
The latter half of the twelfth century was a period of experiment and of conflicting elements.
Maggie shook her head slowly, and was silent, under conflicting thoughts.
The eye and brain work in a partnership to interpret conflicting signals from the outside world.
Unfortunately, there are few such studies, and those that exist have led to conflicting results.
And their existence is only one small example of how males and females have conflicting evolutionary goals.
Answering that question has proved difficult, partly due to conflicting evidence.
More likely, the reason for the conflicting results was a difference in lab techniques.
The search for answers is difficult because the evidence is so conflicting.
Each agent in this network has its own, and sometimes conflicting, goals.
Conflicting desires swing the clappers between the two modes.
Meanwhile, consumers are caught in the middle of the argument, whiplashed by blasts of conflicting information.
The two conflicting theories bothered an elderly neurotic member of the commission.
The news reports are incoherent and conflicting, and nobody seems to really know what's happening.
One point noted in this paper is that previous work using a narrower set of markers tended to give conflicting results.
But if two detectors are producing conflicting results, it's not always clear which detector to believe.
That's what a skeptic does in the face of conflicting or insufficient evidence.
There seems to be conflicting theories on why and how it closes.
When conflicting info was introduced, another part of the brain lit up briefly and then stopped.
The illusion is the result of the brain's attempts to resolve conflicting sets of information.
The mechanism for the warming is completely theoretical and faces a broad spectrum of conflicting and opposing data.
The arsenic debate that matters: conflicting studies fuel arsenic debate.
Carter's program has been hailed as an axe cleaving through this knot of conflicting interests.
What all of his characters share is the strain of being caught between two radically different cultures with conflicting values.
After the war, there had been vague and conflicting rumors, but nothing since.
Science is a mosaic of partial and conflicting visions.
It is impossible to reply to this protest without deep and conflicting emotions.
Those who knew her best left conflicting testimony about her.
It erupted from a tangle of overlapping yet conflicting urges, which would be fitted out with later rationalizations.
Spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, because of conflicting loyalties.
Remember that the novel is presented by four narrators with different, conflicting points of view.
There are conflicting interpretations of the refugee clause in the text of the initiative.
Its multiple, conflicting desires threaten to frustrate the yearning for coherence.
What had at first seemed a harmonious surface dissolved gradually into its components, to reveal a chaos of conflicting impulses.
Make certain promises in public, and conflicting ones in private.
Amid these conflicting signals, it seemed a good idea to talk with some actual soldiers.
All of this facilitated a rapid dissemination of new ideas and a dramatic and visible clash of conflicting views.
Conflicting affidavits were finally to be sworn on this matter.
There was no immediate explanation for the conflicting reports.
However, previous studies have had conflicting results.
Survivors of such experiments had warned us about feuding spouses, clashing parenting styles and conflicting itineraries.

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