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Example sentences for conflate

Stories that conflate behaviors and traits miss all that.
The problem is that people conflate these two as if they are identical concepts.
Still others would conflate the two, hoping to incorporate the best of both while avoiding their limitations.
It is considered a distortion to define or conflate open standards as requiring open source and free software.
That's because they conflate mainstream media with printing presses.
Do not, in the meantime, conflate volatility with risk.
But let's not completely conflate our national self-interest with self-righteous moral judgment.
It was an ill considered attempt to conflate the two beatings.
Your questions are highly leading and conflate many issues.
Please, let's not conflate thermal conductivity and heat capacity.
But to conflate that with intolerance against the people who embody those is disingenuous.
After a while you will conflate selection and mutation as one process.
It is perhaps natural to conflate default with devaluation because they often occur together.
There is a tendency to conflate the two, which in essence accuses people of being disingenuous.
Don't conflate the movie business with the theatre business.
Here you mistakenly conflate expertise with credentials.
But it is important not to conflate these more remote possibilities with what is possible today or in the near future.
In the wake of the conflict, it was easy to conflate the two enclaves.
Orthography and speech are different notions in many important ways, yet it is easy for us to conflate them.
Thus, to some extent, defined-contribution plans conflate personal saving and pension saving.
And it is historically dishonest to conflate it with other horrible atrocities.
It would be error to conflate knowledge of a party's existence with the absence of mistake.
Some officials continue to conflate the crimes of kidnapping, human trafficking, and smuggling.
But some people conflate those and say you should have known one led to the other.
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