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Example sentences for confit

We enjoyed crayfish in champagne and a particularly good duck confit.
Mashed potato cakes filled with duck confit, pine nuts and roasted garlic.
During tomato season, confit is one of the best ways to use the season's bounty.
Fall is the perfect time to make a confit from the last of the tomatoes.
The tavern menu features specialties such as duck confit as well as a three-course tasting menu.
Duck confit, ravioli, grilled steak and fresh oysters are all served at this elegant eatery.
During the holidays, they offer duck confit and beef tenderloin.
For the less adventurous a pita pizza or duck confit round out the menu.
Tuna tartare, beef tongue confit and country-style ravioli are all on the menu at this fine-dining establishment.
People could not get enough of their ravioli with duck confit and apple topping, and their pulled pork was moist and flavorful.
Tender shreds of duck confit, mixed with a dab of sour cherry compote for sweetness, comprise the filling.
These were sealed and stored for a couple of months until the confit was mellow and flavorful.
His loin will be laid to rest on a bed of tears, with asparagus and a confit of something.
Add the tomato confit, capers and anchovy fillets and blend well.
Have it both ways in this wonderful puree of roasted corn, with onion confit and a red pepper cream garnish.
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