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They will then perform an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.
Absolutely, but in order to confirm their existence, particularly strong evidence is required.
What they won't confirm is what they will be selling and for how much.
In this case, the observations confirm that the rate of expansion has actually decreased.
Within a year bigger detectors will turn on, and they may yet confirm the present hints to be real signals.
Scientists say more research is needed to confirm the hypothesis that dirt has health benefits.
They should confirm their study site by contacting the project's coordinators.
However, the outcrops were small and more detailed observations were required to confirm their presence.
To attempt to harmonize them in an impossible unity is only to confirm them in their several peculiarities.
These relations are incontestable, and there are other considerations which still further confirm them.
But the lapse of a few months will confirm or dispel their fears.
Thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary.
But the position of the plant-growing not from the ground but from the trunk or branches of the tree-might confirm this idea.
Our education is so formed as to confirm and fix this impression.
They operate in the same way to confirm and propagate a bad way of thinking as a good way of thinking.
Thus myth and ritual mutually explain and confirm each other.
Because no laboratory test can confirm fibromyalgia, doctors will usually first test for similar conditions.
However, subsequent efforts to confirm the existence of this population failed.
In addition, insects are small and difficult to find, making it difficult to confirm whether species have vanished for good.
But the data can include false positives, requiring followup observations to confirm that the objects are actual planets.
The connection between the written symbols and the iconography from a specific period also helped confirm the tablet's age.
Now ground and air can simply confirm they are fingering the same building on their tablet and fire.
Patients show extreme fatigue, but there is no test to confirm it.
And evidence of barley straw at the site helps confirm that the buildings were, indeed, used to store grain.
And yet the results of this election are likely to confirm that the place has tilted decisively to the right.
The new data, which are much more comprehensive than figures put out by governments, confirm their hunch.
Employment figures also confirm that exports' share of the economy is relatively small.
These data confirm what many already suspected: that the contest is not always about the quality of the songs.
The site still requires users wanting to post comments to confirm registration by e-mail.
Your correspondent has not himself performed a controlled experiment to confirm his hunch.
The findings, together with earlier surveys, confirm that the recession intensified towards the end of last year.
These patients can expect a full diagnosis once studies confirm the function of these genes.
The official could not confirm or deny whether this has happened.
Astronomers are now attempting to confirm this discovery.
Events seem to confirm their beliefs, strengthening their misconceptions.
It will take studies that are more controlled to confirm or disprove both of these ideas.
Genetic data confirm that the past century of dog breeding has produced some extremely inbred animals.
We know who wrote it, anyway, and within a short time the camera returns to confirm our knowledge.
But the benefits have trickled down, as a visit to any midrange chain supermarket will confirm.
He walked through the house to confirm that the soldier was still there.
While the claim is impossible to confirm, what matters is that others believed it.
He asked the judge to spell his name and confirm which letters were capitalized.
People close to me confirm the accuracy of the artist's insights.
The results confirm that viruses can be used to selectively target these cells.
So doctors can still download data and confirm adjustments even while the shield is jamming an attacker.
Drilling to confirm the findings will likely begin soon, he says.
If a higher-than-average number of connections start forming, this might help to confirm the rumors.
The certificates contain encrypted data that lets browsers and other software confirm that a website is legitimate.
As the user logs out, all the transactions will be listed and the user will enter his new secure id to confirm.
The bottom line is that they confirm the predictions.
The only way to settle this will be to confirm or refute the findings with better data.
They then dissected the tumors to confirm their size.
Further studies comparing mice with stable versus unstable plaque may help confirm the group's initial findings.
The study failed to confirm the health benefits seen in earlier trials.
Not that his point has been refuted-in fact, other sources have come forward to confirm it.
In every hectic move, they confirm the playwright's unique status.
Little is known about his life: he has refused to confirm his age in interviews or give a fixed address.
The treatment sounds harsh, but the findings confirm what many pediatric dermatologists have seen anecdotally for years.
There are aspects of a theory that you can go out and look for and confirm, and that's another way to gain confidence in it.
He sent her to the lab for a blood test to confirm the diagnosis, which would be back in a few days.
As usual, we'll need to have other scientists either confirm this result using other equipment, or show where things went wrong.
On further examination, though, the ruins did not confirm the theory.
The astronomers used computer models to correlate spin to the jets, and observations appear to confirm these models.
It also would confirm for me that this country is headed down the road to irreversible decline.
The observer could then confirm entanglement by checking to see that the photon was loyal to its partner.
But you never know until you play the game, so it is good to confirm.
After you submit your registration you will receive an email to confirm your email address.
To confirm participation, call your post office or ask your letter carrier.
If you have scheduled a family law hearing, you must confirm it before your court date.
Economic indicators confirm that the economy is in a recession.

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