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The green confines have seen many demonstrations, both for and against war.
Surfing broke out from the confines of a small eccentric subculture and grew into a pulsing fad.
Think of it as hunting-whenever you leave the confines of your camp, you should be ready and able to capture whatever pops up.
Within the confines of the course management system, yes my sites are accessible.
Determine problem solving activities within the confines of agency protocols.
Each of us remained rational-offering strong evidence for our positions and staying within the confines of logic.
Such events should take place within the confines of university seminar rooms or teleconferencing sites.
One, there is only so much you can do within the confines of a semester to engender these relationships.
Office hours, as a concept, need not remain within the confines of the traditional office.
We certainly need teachers who are both highly skilled and who can think rigorously beyond the confines of their own discipline.
But not within the confines of moral acts sufficiently worthy of being outlawed.
Dee's characters refuse to live within the confines of narrative.
Still another purpose of the party was to celebrate beauty beyond the confines of beauty parlors.
Still, it would be an adventure, and a chance to learn something of the world beyond the dismal confines of their querulousness.
But it often had trouble reaching out beyond the confines of the agency.
We truly are a species that has left the confines of its home world.
But many of the observations to be made will be at cosmological distances, far beyond the confines of our home galaxy.
The city's natural geographical confines prevented alternative settlement options for those who wanted to find jobs in the city.
In the confines of the car, visions of frayed cables came easily.
He touched on the confines of this settled land and that.
It lies on the confines of two distinct territories.
In these natural fusion reactors, it is gravity that confines the plasma in a wonderfully stable and long-lived configuration.
All new data has supported evolution, and biologists are perfectly happy working within the confines of the evolutionary paradigm.
Upon returning to the cooler confines of the studio, images were scrutinized.
But it's one thing to picture the orderly lines of a blueprint, quite another to traverse the dark confines of a capsized ship.
He should also enjoy the switch to the more pitcher-friendly confines of the team's home stadium.
Oil gave him power far beyond the confines of his dilapidated state.
Within the confines of this chamber, then, the rat can move freely around.
Some companies become multinationals to escape the confines of their home market.
Barclays sold its equities division and now confines itself to the debt markets and fund management.
Freedom of expression is by and large limited to the confines of the establishment.
It allows economists to understand seemingly irrational behaviour from the confines of our models.
He has cultivated a strong artistic persona that takes his art beyond the narrow confines of the art world.
It means doing what you can within real, external confines.
It hinders the steady running of the country, and hampers a healthy debate, even within the confines of the ruling establishment.
On that count alone, borrowing costs would be far higher than they were within the safer confines of the euro area.
Within the confines of this particular case, the reverse may actually be more true.
If so, it is distinctly possible that the violence characteristic of this culture is also spreading beyond its confines.
The donut of material confines the intense radiation coming from the remnant of the dying star.
Good fences make good neighbors--each knows where he is and what confines him.
But its ambition never extended much past the confines of the five boroughs.
Within the confines of free-market capitalism, selling animals for food will always entail unnecessary suffering.
The pantyhose include a rear panty portion which covers and confines the wearer's buttocks.
Meanwhile, the general public keeps its feet on the ground and confines its aerial activities to the reading of sky-writing.
As if their omnipotence found its limits there, reached its rational confines there.
The prosecutor confines himself to information he thinks likely to bring in a conviction.
There was little evidence that any sort of universal civilization existed outside the confines of a small, highly educated elite.
She was met with a barrage of criticism from her peers in the media when she left the warm, cozy confines of morning television.
It would be a difficult upwind start, forcing him to tack back and forth several times within the narrow confines of the harbor.
It goes without saying it's all within realistic confines though.
One virtue of privatized space travel is that it confines such risks.
In the sealed confines of a real spaceship storage space is at a premium and garbage collection rare.
The butterflies tend to stay put, content to live and die within the confines of a single meadow.
All that growth now happened not in the dark confines of the womb, but over the course of years of childhood.
The definition of set gives it shape, but also confines it.
Your ideas will be better respected if you organize them within the confines of the language you attempt to speak.
The reason being that life on another planet would evolve within the confines and influences of its host planet.
Their conflicting ambitions cannot be fitted into the confines of any ethical system which transcends the tribalistic.
One might regard such rhetoric within the confines of the scientific literature as excusable.
There are no housing projects within the confines of this command.
Cardboard signs available at the permit office window must be posted within the confines of the area to be restricted.
Greenberg has long been exceptionally good at exploring, wittily, the confines of an isolated soul.

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