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Some of the problems with giant confinement systems are obvious.
The alternatives to over-structured activity are confinement in an apartment or playing in traffic.
Some say the stress of confinement can turn them violent.
Three volunteers agree to spend a week in solitary confinement.
Confinement alone doesn't mean an animal is automatically worse off.
It's all done without government subsidies, cost-sharing, nutrient management plans or confinement livestock systems.
They were disproportionately held in disciplinary lockdown and often in solitary confinement.
Some told harrowing tales of their confinement for weeks under heavy artillery fire.
Organic standards forbid the continuous confinement of beef cattle on feedlots.
In prisons, solitary confinement is used as punishment.
No other corrective or coercive techniques can be used while a detainee is in cramped confinement.
Despite prison crowding, punitive use of solitary confinement appears to have grown more common.
They are lean athletes that take confinement in stride, waiting for the next chance to run.
Factory farming means raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density.
Many companies are getting around cubicle confinement problems by ditching the cube entirely.
Doing so would clearly get us two years in solitary confinement.
He was ultimately sentenced to six months home confinement at his parents' house and two years of probation.
When they need police to keep the peace you know this is forcible confinement.
By far the biggest problem is the close confinement of animals on factory farms.
Long term solitary confinement is considered by many to be a form of torture.
But the chains and solitary confinement do seem a bit excessive.
Iron cages for the confinement of offenders were long ago included among the favorite devices of human cruelty.
She said the confinement had lasted two to three months.
He spent six years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement, until his conviction was overturned.
Yet, the life cost is only for confinement for life.
In confinement, pigs are fed grains that are high in phosphorus.
Not really same as one can learn little about free humans from studying humans in the solitary confinement wing of a prison.
Although the gate leads nowhere, it gives the impression that the garden continues and helps reduce the feeling of confinement.
Ethically, a truly wild animal made more sense than any creature raised in confinement.
He had been kept in solitary confinement on a starvation diet.
He was publicly vilified and then sent into solitary confinement.
She received a five-month prison sentence, and served an additional five months and three weeks of home confinement.
He will spend three months behind bars and three months in home confinement.
Maximum-security confinement may be pushing already unstable criminals.
Immediate counseling, with possible confinement recommended.
Continuation of full benefits in certain cases of medical confinement.
He has spent eight years in prison, the last three in solitary confinement.
They have strongly protested the conditions of his confinement and the efforts to deport him.
He spent a third of his time in solitary confinement and was rejected for parole five times.
He spent seven and a half years as a prisoner, four of them in solitary confinement.
The liberation is too intense, too extreme, for a nature conditioned by and for a state of civilized confinement.
Normally a voluble critic of political and social mores, he emerged from confinement last month noticeably thinner and quieter.
Moreover, even the mere confinement in laboratory cages deprives chimpanzees of basic physical, social and emotional sustenance.

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