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The concern about rising prices is not confined to the euro zone.
The growth, however, has been confined to basketball and track and field.
The papers are not bereft of whimsy, but it is confined to footnotes and asides.
Wood compost containment bins keep compost confined during the decomposition process.
Hairless, legless and confined to the sea, whales make for unlikely mammals.
The search for life in the universe, however, isn't confined to the rovers' path.
Its narrow form makes it good in container, as an espalier, or in a confined area.
Fast object detection is no longer confined to the smiling trivialities of digital cameras.
Historically, it specialized in teaching students who were confined to wheelchairs or with other mobility problems.
If the panic were confined to these three, the euro zone could cope.
Polyandry is largely confined to fish and birds, especially waders and shorebirds.
Not that long ago many chronic diseases were considered to be problems confined to prosperous countries.
Vegetables have traditionally been confined to the backyard.
Babies spend hours confined in car seats and carriers rather than crawling, toddling or being carried.
The legal issues are not confined to the adoption process.
Doubts about the loan were not confined to angry tree-huggers.
Some extinct animals have anatomical oddities that seem destined to be confined to the marginalia of history.
The thrill of such speeds, and such hype, was not confined to flacks.
After being confined to the games ghetto for years, millions of new users will be handed to them on a plate.
Such divulgence-pedagogies aren't confined to orientation sessions, however.
Uses for this technology would not, of course, be confined to advertising.
Today's storm destruction wasn't confined to the coast.
She spent much of her later years confined to a wheelchair.
They're also in a confined environment, so any competing odors are going to interfere with their ability to smell the food.
Meanwhile, geologic studies increasingly show that catastrophic asteroid and comet hits were not confined to ancient times.
And, as with any war, the miseries are not confined to the protagonists.
And incapacity benefit, which is meant to replace lost income, will be confined to those recently in work.
Duller red confined in varying amounts to forehead and chin.
Wide scale use of these installations using hydroponics would mean they need not be confined to the best arable land.
So far, touch interface on conventional laptops has been largely confined to the touchpad.
But it is a long plane ride home in a confined space and reflecting on what you've seen is irresistible.
Before the war started, it was confined to the colony.
But the problem is not confined to the developing world.
The researchers now want to know how a problem thought to be confined to a single ecosystem is spreading.
It is not about hydraulics and the problems of sanitation when in confined spaces.
To give symbolic parity, a similar number of government soldiers and guns will be confined.
The debate is not confined to ivory tower scientists.
Human rights should be not be confined to local citizens or stop at the border of any country.
Lottery failures have not been confined to grandiose building projects.
The vulnerable cream-banded swallowtail butterfly is confined to this region.
But these herds have shrunk and are now mostly confined to parks and wildlife reserves.
The impact of industrial consolidation on speech was not confined to the film industry.
Quarrying should be confined to larger and more extensive karst areas, the researchers say.
In those days life was still confined mostly to the water, and it was undergoing a crisis.
The semi fitted style of this jacket offers the option of layering underneath for extra warmth without feeling confined.
But such a musician could never really be confined to a single style.
Today these forests occur in a landscape of agriculture and development and are confined to isolated patches along the foothills.
And this kind of hypocrisy isn't confined to the politicians.
She's confined in such a cramped space, getting weak from inactivity and not eating.
Today the barbarians aren't confined to the bourses.
Students can sit, stand or lie down when using the devices, and are not confined to desks.
The inflationary shock is largely confined to the surging prices of oil and food.
In room arrest the offender is confined to his own quarters.
The whole reduction of postage contemplated in this project, is exclusively confined to the single item of the ocean transit.
The smart grid, however, should not be confined to pilots.
Originally confined to computers and related products, it rapidly spread to include many other household and office items.
Whoever is lucky enough to one day ride the rocket into space would be squeezed into a cramped and confined tube.
Damage was confined chiefly to the three upper stories.
The aeroplane is not confined to movements in a horizontal plane, but may move in any plane.
In fact, humans endure a more or less confined life, far removed from the hurried pace of exponentials.
He lost sight in one eye and lost one of his legs to the disease, leaving him confined to a wheelchair.
When they met both were involved with other people whom they swore they loved, but kept leaving out of fear of being confined.
Range in these was narrow, however, as the turnover was confined to relatively small amounts.
Such diseases are not confined to developing nations.
Weird colors should be confined to the hoods, where they are actually kind of interesting.
Good growth is confined to the valley bottoms and the lower slopes.
For now, the right's resentment is confined to grumbling.
Even worse was the fact that the current was confined to a single channel backed by a steep hillside to the east.
Today, the itching is confined to my hands and arms.
We had been spending too much time in crowded, confined, urban places.
It remained disconnected from the great flows of capital-confined to the margins of the economy.
And this collaboration should not be confined to journalism and writing departments.
Frequently the evidence is confined to successful anecdotal references.
Lots of ammunition, people in confined spaces, shock and confusion.
The funny-looking cells, it turned out, were not confined to humans and great apes but were also present in elephants and whales.
They set some factories on fire, but mainly they confined themselves to breaking machines.
For them to be in a small, confined area is not a good life for these animals.
Perhaps that is inevitable when so much of it changes hands in such a confined space.
Part of the island was a camp used to rehabilitate servicemen who had been wounded and were confined to wheelchairs.
Because they're mainly confined to paper, they can't be easily transferred from one physician or hospital to another.
But the enemies of universities were not confined to those who considered them homes of antiquated knowledge.
And within the realm of the lyric he confined himself to the narrowest range of ideas.
The thought of the confined creature was so dreadful to him that he forgot the heat and went forward to the cylinder to help turn.
When the mouth is but slightly opened, as during ordinary conversation, the movement is confined to the lower of the two joints.
My morality is not cribbed, cabined, and confined by geographical lines.
So far, however, optical technology has been confined mostly to telecoms networks and some of the cabling in data centres.
Meanwhile, executives confined to their offices are taking to audio- and videoconferencing.
In general, mineral particles are small, having formed within confined areas such as lava flows or between grains of sediments.
For instance, abyssal grenadier fish were confined to valleys on either side of the ridge.
Instead it requires they be kept properly confined, such as behind a locked fence or inside a house.
For other, less patient residents, escape is not confined to the imagination.
One of them had been confined for a mere two years, and his release was imminent.
What she seeks to achieve with her audience is an intimacy that is possible only in a relatively confined space.
But the market that confined him to that prison affected other writers, and readers, too.
These days, however, this type of behavior is by no means confined to the corporate sector.
He was confined to a wheelchair and could not even breathe without a machine.
In quantum-mechanical terms, in fact, the phonon is not confined to either diamond.
And whereas divers previously sat sprawled against the sub's confined walls, everyone will now have adjustable seats to work from.
She is completely bent at the waist and is confined to bed or wheelchair, and cannot move her feet or legs.
Its impact was by no means confined to consumer goods.
Some individuals confined their practice to the uttering of the affirmation of faith.
Citizen support was not confined to statements made to pollsters, however.
Nor are such tendencies confined to elite professions.
There is a reason why people want to be confined to their houses and their cars.
And writing that comes from those whose reading is confined to the how-to books is cramped and obvious.
The mammals were captured in the wild, confined, and forced to perform cheap tricks for human spectators.
The star clusters are confined to an area that is a few thousand light-years wide.
There is no reason to think that such contracts were confined to these two particular acting companies.
We've met fewer than a dozen times-this was the finale, but only the seventh episode-and have been largely confined to parlors.
But the punch of the drama really comes upon realizing that all those wrenching movie moments are not confined to the screen.
Paralyzed from the waist down, she was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
But the curtains of riotous color are not confined to distant, frozen lands.
Colorization is not confined to images from deep-space probes.
Over the following year, her disease progressed rapidly, and she became confined to a wheelchair because of intractable dizziness.
But the sense of number is not confined to primates.
Likewise, cosmonauts confined for months in outer space quickly lose interest in video programs and other diversions.
She trapped howler and spider monkeys, confined them in pens, and fed them food in which she had concealed tiny plastic markers.
The resistance is harmless as long as the bacteria remain confined to their normal habitat.
Right now this thing is confined to the urban areas, he says.
Parkinson's may be confined to a single brain, but it can spread from one part to another.
Not to mention it's a electromagnetic phenomena, and confined to the speed of light as magnetic phenomena are.
It was appalling, especially in the confined laboratory setting where it became even more apparent.
It's interesting that the waves don't seem to be confined to the jets.
He is confined in a hospital room for his own safety.
There is no saving grace in being confined to an iron suit, cold and unforgiving.
As an art dealer he lives in a complex but confined space between commerce and creativity, fashion and idealism.
The objections are by no means confined to a militant fringe.
The laughter, moreover, is not confined to campuses.
Economic mirages are not confined to imperial capitals.
When the molecules are confined in some way, they can spread some distance, when in a solid for example.
But a look beneath the surface of our system shows that innovation is not confined to the double-latte set.
They have the advantage of not being confined to a particular fuel.
Obviously, the meanings of art are not confined to masterpieces.
Now, of course, that resistance is not confined to one end of the political spectrum.
Such displays of animal high spirits were not, however, confined to the gentleman's later years.
Nor is this kind of activity confined to the subcontinent.
Discussion about how a parent's remarriage affects children is usually confined to, well, children.
The theory is swell, even inviting to those of us not yet confined to our chimney corners.
Tense beneath her first saddle and confined to a narrow chute, the mustang lays back her ears indignantly.
Fire, asphyxiation, toxic exposures upon entry into confined spaces during ship building and repair.

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