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Example sentences for confine

She will not even confine it to the housetop, but will bear it in procession along the thoroughfare.
Students are limiting their opportunities if they confine themselves to their specific degrees.
The researchers did not confine themselves to poking fun at lexicographers, though.
Please confine yourself to discussions of the topic at hand.
Most museum goers confine themselves to murmurs of appreciation or the occasional reverent flip of a program page.
Confine your statement about the impacts of your research to things that every scholar would do normally.
The trouble is that only a few of the works in the show confine themselves to probing this inconsistency.
The best part about these services is that they don't confine you to one genre.
Gangs that used to confine themselves to the drugs trade are branching out into robbery, extortion, and kidnapping.
Don't confine your final output to any one medium type.
Some think these obstacles will confine mobile advertising to a niche for years to come.
If you wish to discuss these issues you should read scholarly works on the subject or confine your discussions to the bar.
It might be wise to confine your arguments to those real differences rather than smearing people for slurs they do not make.
They instead confine their search to the top colleges, using campus as a proxy for quality.
We are merely waiting for elections to confine him to the dustbin of history.
If you confine the domain space to a single solution, of course you'll lose emergence.
Henceforth her entrepreneurial heroes and heroines confine their commodifications of nature to moths, medicinal herbs, and bees.
The dancers would need to confine their movements to a space corresponding to the frame of the stationary camera.
Campaign staff confine her to attending rallies and fundraisers where she does not take questions.
Besides, it's no great challenge to confine coiffing to fair weather.
If this isn't possible, confine pets to carpet-free areas outside the bedroom.
The court shall confine its review to the record certified by the commission.
The following day, confine the existing kitty in the same room, and let the new kitty roam the house.

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