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Install, configure, and troubleshoot the server hardware and the software components of a network with little or no direction.
Visitors to the store can configure a car and arrange a test drive.
Depending on what kind of books you want to fix-up, you may have to configure these plugins.
Easy to configure in both automatic and manual modes.
Here inside the app, you configure the card to transfer to and from your various devices.
Here you are supposed to take chances to configure your path filled with patience,emotion's and faith.
Admittedly this would be a difficult experiment to configure.
Readers can configure the site so that it shows them only comments rated, say, three or higher.
Users need to be computer-savvy to configure their connection.
Hardware makers are already working on other ways to configure a device.
We tested each distribution to see how easy and intuitive it was to configure and to download updates and additional software.
The kitchen opened onto two large, open living spaces that residents could configure in various ways with movable screens.
Read the manufacturer's instructions and configure the firewall accordingly.
Otherwise, you may need to know your server settings to configure your computer to access your e-mail from the cruise ship.
It's in this facility where technicians configure the vehicle, the crew compartment and the cargo bay for flight.
Push the entire pad down to click, or configure it so a double tap does the same job.
Users cannot configure it to spread the signal out to other recipients.
Next, run configure so the build system knows the versions of the benchmarks to build.
It is necessary to configure all these elements properly in order to achieve the desired presentation.
The service port shall not be used to configure the module.
However, it is sometimes necessary or desirable to configure the attributes of a transport.
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