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But instead of one hull, his new craft has three, a configuration that makes capsizing less.
Work with subject matter experts in performing system configuration.
As a result, for the first time in history, the world is becoming a three-block configuration.
The lines break and reconnect with each other to form a lower energy configuration.
Infectious prions with this configuration would set off a chain reaction that would convert normal protein to the deadly form.
Because of its configuration and materials, the garden doubles as a firebreak.
The new configuration puts too much emphasis on theory, he believes.
On the face of it, this configuration of people and power on both sides of the fence spells doom.
There are moon buggies of every size, color, and configuration.
What is amazing that similar configuration of electrons occurs in the weakly metallic systems.
Minuscule configuration changes require a full reboot.
People procured their own office computers, each set up with a different configuration.
The inefficient configuration of services is another reason why the red ink is appearing.
Maybe a time-release pill or some other configuration would be able to achieve this.
C-based language that automatically optimizes your hardware configuration.
By then the price had fallen and the standard configuration included more memory.
Astronauts will use the trimmer configuration for launch and landing as well as during spacewalks.
The markets seem to be in an unstable configuration which is beyond the control even of regulators.
The similarity is in the architecture of the brain, not in the particular configuration.
Our perception is determined by the configuration of our sensory organs.
Higher air density would make evolution to flight a much smaller leap of bodily configuration.
Previous research had shown that some polymers react to light by changing their configuration.
Both devices sport a large touchscreen and the familiar button configuration at the bottom.
They are differentiated by their shape and tooth configuration.
The configuration renders the restaurant essentially inaccessible.
Not all animals have this same middle ear bone configuration.
With a new menu and new name, what remains of the original restaurant are its configuration and decor.
And it is eventually reglued in a different configuration.
From that total, they can allocate funds in any configuration.
The exact capacity varies quite a lot, depending on the configuration a manufacturer chooses.
It is on the outcome of these negotiations that the future configuration of the book publishing industry depends.
Economies will be stuck in the current-and odd-configuration where corporate surpluses fund government deficits.
These comprise a varying number of modules arranged in different ways, depending on the configuration of the vehicle.
The key layout was designed to drive a particular mechanical configuration which is long gone.
Note: the only way to completely clear your cache is to go into your browser configuration.
The electrons in this configuration all have the same spin.
The result was an inescapable launch configuration and a reliance on the ship's design abrogating the need for an escape system.
We play any particular game based on the configuration of events and the situation at the moment.
The wine rack configuration was created from back-lit acrylic disks set into perforated steel panels.
Poorly designed configuration subsystems and poor default configurations may produce system vulnerabilities.

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