confiding in a sentence

Example sentences for confiding

He kindly pretended to savor it, only confiding much later how truly unpleasant he found my morning meal of choice.
He had few friends, no close ones, no confidants-he wasn't the confiding type.
And confiding in a friend is a surefire way to put a smile on your face and problems in perspective.
Haynes had no intention of confiding that he was carrying a highly illegal psychotropic substance.
Plus, he makes you feel as if he's really, really confiding in you.
The widow often talked of this deplorable business, and regretted her own too confiding disposition.
Bird isn't a bad singer either, adopting a conversational tone that feels confiding, intimate.
Avoid confiding in and relying on them as you would a good friend.
Its tameness and confiding manner make it a favorite with bird lovers.
Your friend may not feel comfortable confiding in you, feeling you may not understand her situation.

Famous quotes containing the word confiding

Nature never sends a great man onto the planet, without confiding the secret to another soul.... more
Unsophisticated and confiding, they are easily led into every vice, and humanity weeps over the ruin thus r... more
If the veil were withdrawn from the sanctuary of domestic life, and man could look upon the fear, the loathing, the dete... more
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