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Example sentences for confidently

Discuss the exits with your navigator, go around again if necessary, and then confidently wing off on the exit of your choice.
They wag their tails and pull confidently towards the shiny new object of desire.
Always making sure to walk confidently and with the dogs beside you or behind you and not pulling.
Starting on familiar ground helps students begin speaking confidently.
Intellectuals should not be smugly theorizing endless war, much less confidently promoting and excusing it.
Speak clearly and confidently but not stridently or arrogantly.
Your question is framed too loosely for me to answer intelligently or confidently.
But the error bars on the observations are high, and scientists cannot confidently forecast the future of the ice.
He declaimed it confidently, without a glance at the manuscript.
Her hair is long and wavy, and she moves deliberately, confidently.
For example, a lot of our project teams were feeling ill-equipped to address this topic confidently.
From now on bring it confidently to the rich feast and lovely dance and glorious revel, a joy by night and by day.
She has told her story many times and she gets through it confidently, without so much as a shudder.
It's pretty rare to be able to say this confidently in science, but: case closed.
If you want to be taken seriously, strive to speak clearly and confidently.
With so little evidence to go on, paleontologists can't confidently say much more about dinosaur social lives.
The doctor wields the knife confidently, humming to himself, as if he finds pleasure in severing muscle from bone.
We can, for instance, confidently conclude that you don't have the slightest understanding of the state of modern cosmology.
Learning to express myself succinctly, speak confidently and maintain eye contact has really come in hand on job interviews.
He strode forward confidently to speak to a group of basketball campers.
The existence of some is confidently predicted, and their portraits will probably prove quite accurate.
The mining firms are more bullish-but even they can't confidently predict the future path of the gold price.
But taken together they appear less tenuous, though still far from robust enough confidently to claim discovery.
Bankers who have confidently predicted devaluation and disaster over the past year have little to show for it.
Bank bosses have learnt not to pronounce too confidently about the future.
Many were confidently predicting long-term double-digit growth and some invested heavily in developing-country markets.
It confidently puts him in the wrong place and sends him haring down blind alleys.
While marching confidently forward into a better future, it was constantly glancing nervously over its left shoulder.
After my article appeared, people began criticizing the party more directly and confidently.
Handle face-to-face contacts effectively and confidently.
The more informed you are, the more confidently you can make the right decision about drugs.
Applicant must be professional and able to positively and confidently interact with people.
Quickly and confidently respond to common emergency situations with these step-by-step video instructions.
If you work or need a day away, you can confidently leave adult disabled or elderly family members with us.
Once students can confidently distinguish mammals from other animals, they will create a mobile.

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