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But with shares at their cheapest in a generation, confident equity investors are a rare breed.
Almost everyone concludes their counsel with the same imperatives: be yourself and be confident.
Describe your relevant achievements and goals in a direct and confident manner.
Each of us and our friends and guests who visit the campus need to be confident that this is a safe and well-managed environment.
Sometimes an interview that you didn't feel confident about will result in a campus visit or a job offer.
At this point it can seem as though there is no good reason for job seekers not to be confident.
If you do, you can say you are confident that you will be able to agree on satisfactory compensation.
Figure out how to sound confident and competent, but not arrogant.
One who is introverted or shy can learn skills to become more confident and comfortable in social situations.
He closes this sermon with a devout and confident address to the martyrs.
We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.
Among these people he was always self-confident and bold.
When scientists first viewed the image, they were confident it was an eroded rock formation, probably a mesa.
Their expression and confident stance defy the stereotype of a cowardly varmint always running the other direction.
At last the police felt confident that they had solved the mystery.
Bizarrely, even as she flailed uncontrollably, her voice remained calm and confident.
Now the plane has taken it's first small, but confident, steps.
However, it does make me feel more energetic and confident.
It's abundance not being on the edge of civilization that drives people to be confident in breeding.
But she said she is confident that major changes are on the horizon.
For one, data show that eminent scientists tend to be more arrogant and confident than other scientists.
You'll then have to do quality controls to be confident that you've got what you want.
With all his lightness of manner, he is essentially a witness under oath, and testifies only to what he is confident he knows.
Perhaps the poet is less confident than he appears to be.
She was independent and self-confident, with an adventurous streak.
The surest way to be confident about humane treatment is to get to know a farmer or local butcher, not read a label.
Only increased demand will make business executives feel more confident.
Tell him you are confident that he will, in time, come to accept and even appreciate his new anatomy.
When the line is near the peak, a lot of currencies are outperforming the yen, indicating that investors are feeling confident.
Bold developers are once more confident that demand will materialise.
The other is that, with so much else going right for the economy, there is a good chance that consumers will grow more confident.
Outwardly confident they may be, but those attending have been chastened by the experiences of the past two years.
The universe is immense, which makes many scientists confident that life might have evolved elsewhere.
Eventually firms feel confident enough to invest and to hire.
Even confident investors, however, may balk at how much debt they will soon be asked to buy.
The oil industry is relatively confident that their response to events farther south will not be too restrictive.
Doctors are no longer confident that widespread screening for prostate cancer does more good than harm.
Ministers are confident that the public will side with them in any showdown.
It felt self-sufficient and confident and beautiful in our own slapdash, cross-your-fingers fashion.
It's the presence or absence of this information that makes buyers confident in a product, apparently.
It's bigger than a pencil, to be sure, but the researchers are confident they will be able to shrink it down.
But then users could feel particularly confident that the site they are viewing is legitimate.
There can never be a perfect match, so the program ranks how confident it is about the identification.
He's confident he will secure it, but the stress of running the company shows in his boyish features.
If the system isn't confident about its choice, it prompts the caller for more information using speech synthesis technology.
We felt pretty confident about our contact, since her neck was on the same block as ours.
Those lines and colors, so clear and confident on the final product, reflect a host of difficult choices and compromises.
He is confident that future studies will show that other primates also go into hibernation.
If a wolf feels confident, it will approach another wolf with its head and tail held high and ears perked up.
Then, confident that the surface is solid, he cuts the throttle and plants the trike firmly on the ground.
They hop and walk on the ground with a swaggering and confident gait.
Eddy loves to invent things, and he is confident that he will win the science fair he is competing in.
He was so confident in the vaccine that he tested it on himself.
Tony replied, seeming confident that she would be as delighted by this arresting fact as he was.
He was supremely confident of his instincts and his virtuosity.
Successful after years of obscurity, he was now confident enough to reject advice.
Still, the self-confident fatuity and condescension of the entire show are offensive.
He began making powerful, confident paintings based on his memories.
The album was noisy but not obscure, used melody without being predictable, and was weirdly confident.
Sonny seems less confident about recordings than other musicians are.
The transformation into confident womanhood had been impressive.
She was confident that burglars had been getting into her house every night for forty years.
With a confident empathy, the twenty-five-year-old author moves among a dozen residents and guests at the place.
It gave me a kind of private strength that allowed me to withstand certain indignities, confident that everything was temporary.
Above all, he offered a doubting generation the example of his confident spiritual health.
They didn't really mind because they were pretty confident.
He wore a gray suit, and he was poised and confident.
She was less confident in those days, more easily bollixed.
To get to the richness of studying literature, for example, you must first be an adept and confident reader.
And what struck me, really struck me, was how confident they were seeming.
He was confident it could describe the behavior of every object in the universe.
He began taking the replacement thyroid hormone, confident that he would soon see his energy restored.
Benjamin's evidence for nitrite-producing tongue bugs is drawn from rats, but he's confident a similar symbiosis exists in humans.
The gaming population turned out to be consistently more social, more confident, and more comfortable solving problems creatively.
But they felt as confident in their answers, meaning they didn't realize they'd been mixing up internal and external events.
Have something to say, and be confident that other people want to hear it.
He is clearly not confident, nor happy with his physical ability.
Those that do tend to be at ease and confident in their performance.
One may be perfectly convinced that the state is wrong, but one is seldom confident of one's own virtue.
But much has changed since that self-confident statement.
His drawings were from the start confident, exuberant, and above all witty.
Tom alone is a supremely confident artist, a master of improv.
Common to both is the confident identification of necessity in the present course of events.
The confident dismissal of a dangerous enemy came at a time of unexamined faith in himself.
It is, of course, not surprising that the leaders of the country should appear confident before foreign visitors.
And, unlike others who'd begged off, he was ambitious and self-confident enough to think he could do the job quickly.
She was beautiful in an utterly natural and self-confident way.
We spoke about the magazine's future, and he sounded confident and upbeat.
Use the ladder to tell how confident you are to start.
Become more confident in their role in the court system.
They get over the worry, and become confident that when they go to bed, they will sleep.
But he is confident he has diagnosed a problem within its tech community: a shortage of dealmakers.

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