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Example sentences for confide

It is due to the sound discretion with which they select from among themselves those to whom they confide the legislative duties.
He tries to confide in his family but they rebuke him for questioning his faith.
The clinic's people work on the theory that many do seek someone in whom to confide, simply to talk.
Gaining it, she thought, he would confide in her--he would eventually speak.
The idea is that a criminal might not confide in a lawyer if his crimes could someday become public.
Work with someone in whom you can confide your lurking fears about weight and body image.
Perhaps as a consequence, he sometimes did not confide in her.
Two people dressed in purple confide their thoughts to one another.
They don't ask you to reveal yourself or confide your secrets.
They gaze ardently into each other's eyes, confide dark secrets, embrace by rubbing cheek to cheek.

Famous quotes containing the word confide

What would become of the world if the condemned started to confide their heartaches to the executioners?... more
Our American institutions have been friendly to her, and at this moment, I esteem it a chief felicity of this country, t... more
With what joy I begin to read a poem, which I confide in as an inspiration! And now my chains are to be bro... more
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