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To human eyes, the night sky is a confetti of stars.
In places, the mountain switchbacks are smooth and fine, and autumnal larches confetti our progress with golden needles.
The machine-shredded stuff is confetti, largely unrecoverable.
Mounds of confetti and ticker-tape in the streets bear a spooky resemblance to the debris of the attacks ten years later.
The champagne's been guzzled, the confetti swept, and the golden statuettes taken home to adorn the winners' mantelpieces.
When the chauffeur opened the door for us to get out, a hot gust of wind blew multicolored wedding confetti into the car.
Sure, some of my tapes unspooled into magnetic confetti.
Bursts of custom-mixed colors light up the night sky as confetti descends on partygoers.
The purses' flaps contain two bright colored liquids, glitter and decorative foil confetti.
Confetti or crosscut shreds cannot be recycled, as they have no useful fibers for recycling.
Please do not bring confetti, silly string or other decorations that may adhere to rubber floors or to skate blades.
Confetti flew and noisemakers were in abundance as the audience cheered.
No dunk tanks, piƱatas, confetti or inflatables are allowed in mountain parks.
The residue must not be used as confetti, or in loose form such as used in packing materials.
Confetti, rice, or other scattering materials in or around a picnic shelter is prohibited.

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