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It becomes an open diary or confessional booth, where inward thoughts are publicly aired.
In part it appears to have been a sort of confessional to which he confided the records of his moral auto-stethoscope.
The saint was no less admirable in the confessional and in the private direction of souls than in the pulpit.
He spent a great part of the day in the confessional with incredible patience, and there finished what he had begun in the pulpit.
Beware of alcohol or other factors that may encourage confessional impulses.
Heck, if you want to be sly, duck into the confessional and discuss it in private out of view.
Go to a public school or some other confessional or private school.
They produced two babies and wrote a few confessional songs about each other before an acrimonious breakup.
The self-cleansing confessional has long been his stock-in-trade.
The same people today are grasping for ways to cope with threats from confessional elements they cannot intuitively understand.
Behind me the children were watching a raucous confessional talk show.
Layman stated that statues, altars, wooden pews and confessional would be considered personal property.
There were both inculpatory statements, some confessional in nature, and exculpatory statements on the tapes.

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