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My students and friends will be surprised by this confession.
The confession has triggered a flurry of articles in official newspapers about the dam's deficiencies.
Pretty much at random, according to a videotaped confession from one of its members.
And let me make a confession here that part of this is good old-fashioned jealousy.
The court concluded that his confession had been forced.
Sturgeon has not been arrested in connection to his confession.
They have about as much validity as a confession forced out through waterboarding.
Investigators seem to have denied him help in an effort to extract a confession.
Better still for trustbusters, one successful case often begets another confession.
Indeed to me, a confession is only when you own up to something voluntarily.
Some believe all it takes for redemption is a last-breath confession.
In the current social atmosphere, seeking of enhancement is confession of weakness.
The story has all been laid out for you, complete with a confession.
The common thinking was that only a confession would result in a conviction.
Whether it's intentional or not, the juxtaposition functions as a confession.
All honest historians would echo this confession of fallibility.
There are almost an infinite number of ways to coerce someone into some kind of confession.
It amounted to a sort of confession re something unfortunate that had occurred in the laundry room.
Or maybe it's his confession to helping the government fake the moon landing.
The case against him rests entirely on a confession elicited through torture.
It's a confession of powerlessness, an avoidance of responsibility, a demand that change come from somewhere else.
The concealed blood test led to another deathbed confession-this time from one of the prosecutors involved.
Two condemned prisoners were due to be executed, but no one knew their language to hear their confession.
Risk-averse prosecutors tend to bring charges only when they have a clear-cut case-which in practice means a signed confession.
To tarry over raising dividends, never mind suspending them, was seen as a confession of failure.
But prosecutors need two witness statements or a confession to secure a conviction.
But his confession, while brazen, is also redundant.
By the author's own confession, his is a slippery approach to history.
Guilt cannot keep its own secret, suicide is confession.
He was endowed with the lyric power of creating at will the illusion of a personal confession.
Instead, his confession was full of politically charged statements.
The confession of faith is fully confirmed by the work.
It occupies the uneasy ground between the novella proper and the personal essay or confession.
More says it does not matter if you lie to heretics, or trick them into a confession.
When the defendant's confession is relied upon to prove the offense, independent or corroborating evidence must be present.
The confession would then be followed by the warnings given in a tape recording before the confession was recorded.
Frei next claims that the confession was entered without proper foundation.

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