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Some of the accused had confessed as being witches, but none of them were hanged.
Despite its success, readers confessed to difficulty in grasping its more abstruse concepts.
The accused became so frantic by the extreme panic of having their head crushed that they confessed to anything.
He confessed he was terrified of being shot down as he drifted over hostile lands.
Confessed a crime about which no formal charges were ever made.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
He was metaphorically on his knees in penitence, and confessed himself a miserable sinner in the loveliest manner possible.
Nothing more nor less, it must be confessed, than life itself.
One in five confessed that the inferior quality of the samples might be compromising their data.
Prosecutors said he voluntarily confessed, offering details only the killer could have known.
He later said he confessed under duress of nine days of police interrogation.
The court said he had confessed to accepting bribes and steering construction contracts to unqualified subcontractors.
He has also noted, time and again, that others have confessed to the crimes he insists he did not commit.
Emanuel later confessed that he never meant to be so revealing.
They wanted us to accept that these were people who had confessed to having done bad things.
The self-confessed pipe bomber is cheerful, even in the face of a life sentence.
He says he interviewed relatives of victims and spoke with dozens of people who confessed to having eaten human flesh.
His voice is high and nasal after police smashed his teeth out until he confessed.

Famous quotes containing the word confessed

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