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Because of the current flux, now is a good time to bring rationality to the conference alignments.
Scuttlebutt from that conference has already started fueling speculation about how important this new dinosaur might be.
We got together in a conference room and discussed it.
The droll conference room meeting of yore is a thing of the past.
My office mates called me into the conference room at launch time.
Impulse book buyers at this year's conference will have to wait before gratifying their literary desires.
Skype is reaching out to corporate users with a new service for conference calling.
The socially conscious conference launches with the announcement of a partnership with the online auction site.
So, after a fortnight of sometimes constructive discussion, on the eve of the last day a new version was put to the conference.
The conference itself was organized through social media networks.
Naysayers get their turn at the second annual conference on the space elevator, and that's exactly what supporters want.
It has taken an isolated position on some plans at the conference.
The two conference names could actually mean something, unlike the current conference names, which mean nothing.
He can look forward to a less rocky party conference in the autumn than he was once anticipating.
The scientists said they held the press conference earlier than intended to quell rumors about their findings.
Many calls for conference proposals and grants use these.
This, of course, was the way protocol demanded it be done at a scientific conference.
Yet the actual news of the day occurred following the meeting, at the start of the official press conference.
The conference could have helped rationalise biofuels policy.
First of all, the arrangements for a conference of this size in a remote locale are remarkable.
Scientists present at the news conference agreed that animal testing has yielded some important medical breakthroughs.
Four years ago, only a handful of kids had come to the conference.
Then he organized the older people into a club, or conference, that held meetings every week.
The architects stacked the tile samples out of the way and moved to a conference room.
We're being encouraged to post our papers and handouts to a publicly accessible conference website.
X's supervisor has asked him to present a paper at a conference and to publish a paper together.
It was so difficult that, midway through, they opted to end the video chat and move to a conference call.
Contact candidates promptly after a phone, conference interview, or campus visit if the news is less than favorable.
Its subject might make you think that he had stumbled into the wrong conference altogether.
Discusses the proposals put forward at the conference.
They sat, with five other campaign workers, at a conference table surrounded by eight video panels.
We held a press conference in the waiting room and left the building.
The table in the conference room held five stacks of files and papers, neatly arranged and yellow and crisp with age.
He would sweep into a hotel conference room filled with several dozen kids and parents.
If you're planning a business trip, consider whether a video linkup or a conference call will suffice.
In fact, it was the first conference devoted solely to the forthcoming transformation of the book world by digital technology.
Projects presented at a major conference show how augmented reality can improve.
Conference participants and attendees are encouraged to register in advance.
Reference materials and information from the conference can be found below.
Conference evaluation forms are located in the conference bag.
The phony wildfires press conference wasn't entirely unprecedented.

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