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Further, pine-cones were regarded as symbols or rather instruments of fertility.
Sold by weight, the chestnuts are scooped up into brown paper bags or cones.
Pine cones stay warmer than the needles around them.
And hungry insects have heat sensors that spot the cones.
Cones in each half of the retina are adapted to produce different light-filtering pigments.
The receptors of the former are the rods and cones that you all learned about in middle school.
Aspects such as the causal structure of spacetime and the global properties of light cones are crucial factors.
Question two is true if the mountains in question are volcanic in nature, especially cinder cones.
The cones were made up of sandstone, adobe, and pebbles.
The cells that detect light here, called cones, are responsible for all high-resolution vision.
Because a new study notes that chickens have five types of retinal cones as opposed to our three.
It had snow cones and hot dogs and popcorn and cotton candy.
Fill a backpack or canvas bag with pine cones in all different shapes and sizes.
Cones detect colors, but only when there's lots of light.
It's run by friendly folk who looked out for me, keeping my parking place clear with traffic cones.
For example, create trees by gluing gumdrops to ice cream cones.
In fact, the cones of some pine species won't release seeds unless they are exposed to intense heat.
Many people have heard the story of how ice cream cones came to be.
Earlier flows become covered with piles of cinders, called cinder cones, which form around these eruptions.
The dogs directed five hapless sheep through a series of patterns, including a figure eight around two cones.
Coniferous trees have needles instead of broad leaves, and their seeds grow inside protective, woody cones.
Redwood cones, oddly enough, are tiny-the size of an olive-and may produce seeds only sporadically.
Coniferous forests have trees with cones and needles instead of leaves.
Any pre-existing composite cones or shield volcanoes would be swallowed up by this process.
And can the rods and cones at the back of my eye really get tired by having too little light fall on them.
The kit comes with two racers, plus a cardboard ramp and little plastic traffic cones.
Behind the seats is a floor-to-ceiling wall of speaker cones.
Our eyes have light-sensitive cells in them called rods and cones.
The mouse eye captures images via rods and cones in its retina.
They had expert and unskilled soccer players dribble a ball through a slalom course of cones.
Photons of light prompt the rods and cones to release bursts of electrochemical charges.
The color sensitivities of the cones in the retina are not sharply defined.
The spatial manifold is itself stretching out, so the light cones at distant points are pointed in different directions.
Police said two homemade bombs were hidden inside police cones and a third was detonated in a rubbish bin.
The species actually needs fire to germinate--their pine cones will only open when subject to intense heat.
It also might have made sense to place a few traffic cones at the top and bottom of the street to close it off.
Spruces, hemlocks and larches also grow in the biome with all of the conifers producing cones.
Cinder cones range in size from tens to hundreds of meters tall.
These peaks rival the major composite cones in size but contrast with them in origin and structure.
Cones should be dried on canvas tarp in a well-ventilated area immediately after they have been collected.
There are three different types of cones in the area-cinder cones, spatter cones, and lava cones.
Though rare, some trees that produce cones aren't evergreen.
It's the season of traditions, and at our house that means gathering up pine cones and pulling peanut butter from the pantry.

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