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Example sentences for conduit

Electrical conduit should run inside the counter, rather than through the block cells, wherever possible.
He likes remaining a more or less anonymous conduit.
Never let human resources be the main conduit of information between you and the hiring manager.
The rootlets on the ivy stems can infiltrate the mortar between the bricks, providing a conduit for moisture.
Then while they were feasting, she let in the river upon them by a secret conduit of large size.
In both new designs, researchers created an information conduit-a bus-from a squiggly wire between two such loops of aluminum.
Take the example of the flow of a fluid in some conduit.
He used the femoral-to-aorta-to-coronary conduit to slip a tiny balloon into a patient's partially blocked coronary artery.
Intubation is the rescue of the airway, the life-giving conduit between atmosphere and lung.
When all goes according to plan, the new conduit then seals off the aneurysm from the circulation.
They cannot, because you have to have a physical conduit for the neurotransmitters to carry the charges.
Beneath the concrete lies another traffic conduit: fiber-optic lines made for moving information rather than vehicles.
We view affordable telephony as a conduit to build economic opportunity and access to e-learning, e-health, even e-democracy.
The centre of the universe is actually a conduit to another universe where stuff from there gets sucked through to here.
The new laws also beef up the board's audit committee as a conduit for internal complaints.
The country has long been a conduit for arms, drugs, illegal immigrants and liquor smuggled into the puritanical kingdom.
Therefore, fiscal stimulus serves as a conduit for reestablishing the role of government in managing economic performance.
So when the conduit of credit breaks down, it will cripple the economy.
It appears that the system is fed from a zone of partial melt in the lower crust that gets fed through a narrow conduit.
It's the conduit that allows those traits to be projected.
Fish tape is also used to route cable through conduit.
Conduit spaced out from the pole shall be mounted using the following brackets and straps.
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