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Admission fare includes a train ride aboard vintage rollick stock with historical narrative provided by the conductor.
Outstanding conductor, teacher, and choral scholar capable of inspiring advanced and beginning students.
There would be a perfect non-conductor between them.
The car was empty and the conductor sat down beside her to put his arm around her, and to be a comfort to her.
When you go through a metal detector at the airport with a conductor such as keys in your pocket, the alarm goes off.
Active solar collectors contain either air or a liquid as a conductor.
Nor, in the case of a psychological experiment, should either the participant or the conductor know the hypothesis being tested.
The authors liken it to a conductor who synchronises and co-ordinates various parts into a united whole.
The trip around the mountain takes about a half-hour and is narrated by the conductor.
If you're on a train, the conductor will drive it into a special compartment in the underside of the ferry.
As inside a conductor no charge can exist it goes to the outside.
It is certainly easier to keep in time in a small group, or if in an orchestra if you can see the conductor easily.
As in a conductor no charge can exist, it goes ot the outside.
Indium tin oxide is a thin-film conductor used in flat-panel televisions.
When an electrical conductor moves, it drags the magnetic field around with it.
Radiant heat in copper refinery is tremendous because the furnace is made of steel, a heat conductor.
The lightning struck the mainmast conductor six or seven times, but no damage.
As in a conductor no charge can exist it goes to the outside.
In no time you've elevated yourself to the position of a leading conductor or even composer.
He showed that light could modify the wetting angle of a conducting droplet sitting on an insulated conductor.
The polymer is also a good conductor of holes, but not of electrons.
The phenomena is due to being around some long conductor or even power wires nearby.
The management team works almost without a conductor instructing them on what music to play.
Another day, a conductor led a train down the wrong track, only to then make the dangerous decision to back the train up.
What happens is that the brine, which is a good electrical conductor, goes through chemical decomposition.
The embolus sits at the end of a loop called the conductor.
Any conductor moving through a magnetic field will have induced in it electric current.
Make it an orchestra and it's the rare performer that will stand up and tell the conductor when things are going badly.
Yes it does if you are an electrical charge or a conductor moving through it.
Someone else pushed the button to call the conductor.
It was great theatre and a perfect bow-no actor or singer or orchestra conductor ever made a better one-and it summed him up.
With the help of a guard and the conductor, the lady eas transferred to another compartment.
His one youthful desire was to be a street car conductor because he thought he could keep the nickels collected.
And the train conductor will have his hand out, too.

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