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His infractions included conduct unbecoming an officer, using intemperate language and being drunk on duty.
So of course there has been little done in this area to conduct scientific excavations.
After taking a year of leave to conduct research, he said, he will return to the university as a professor of music.
It is important to conduct yourself professionally in all work-related communications.
They hired a consulting firm to conduct market research.
Students also reported benefiting from the campus-conduct system.
We then conduct annual third-party studies of both graduates and employers.
Candidates should have three years of teaching experience in secondary education and demonstrated ability to conduct research.
The eye has evolved to conduct two operations simultaneously.
Scientists and physicians conduct translative research.
Give students a few days to conduct research related to their role.
Keep records of your energy use, conduct do-it-yourself audits and develop plans for increasing energy-efficiency.
As they conduct their research, they should take notes to answer the questions below.
Hundreds of scientists now come to the valleys to conduct research each year.
They then conduct experiments to see if their hypothesis can be proven.
Students will conduct research to find out about the climate, landscape, and cultures of a few countries.
Many experts even suggest that the laws of war provide a code of conduct that has perhaps more political than legal importance.
The team plans to conduct limited excavations and search for additional archaeological sites nearby.
Allow students time to conduct their research and develop their presentations.
They have flown with an expert team of hurricane hunters and have helped them conduct their studies in the eye of a hurricane.
He didn't conduct his research solely from the library.
Guidelines for dress and conduct are available at this site.
No one can exploit the resources, conduct trade and business, or settle on tribal property.
Above all, they are to be enforced by the conduct of those with whom children converse.
Afferent sympathetic fibers conduct impulses from the pelvic viscera to the second, third and fourth sacral nerves.
He overcame temptations by discovering them to his director, and submitting to his advice with regard to his conduct under them.
One point might be perhaps urged against the conduct of the story.
Their whole conduct was, as it were, one straight line directed to this point.
It is far from me to desire to make any particular application of my language or to criticize the conduct of the government.
To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him, must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
Duplicating tweaked cats could someday allow scientists to conduct research on standardized feline models of human diseases.
The x-ray video technology used to conduct the examinations could have applications in robotics and medicine.
Ordinary metals conduct electrons all the way through, whereas ordinary insulators don't conduct electrons at all.
Something had to be ionizing the air, allowing it to conduct electricity.
Prior research inspired the team to conduct the experiment.
More disconcerting, he may not be able to conduct anything remotely resembling a normal conversation.
In the middle of these tubes are protein molecules that conduct electricity from inside the bacterium to the outside.
Conduct basic searches with the search box at the top of each page.
The sodium and chloride ions in salt water conduct electricity.
Rather than conduct industrial policy by doling out soft loans to manufacturers, the government needs to get its ideas straight.
These days studios conduct global marketing blitzes, trying to corral their audiences before the next blockbuster appears.
The conduct of the election was hailed as a big improvement on the unfair polls of the past dozen years.
Rather than conduct its own measurements the group collected data from various official agencies.
He hopes for progress on measuring global imbalances and on agreeing to a code of conduct on capital flows.
But they have not had much impact on the conduct of actual wars.
Dumbfounded opposition leaders are denouncing the conduct of the election and calling for a new one.
Among the missing visitors are the certifiers and auditors companies need to conduct their operations.
But his conduct in government has been opportunist and erratic.
Most of the biggest companies conduct drug tests before hiring, as well as after any accident.
Four years ago when he served in the same capacity he was arrested for disorderly conduct in a polling place.
He would conduct business on the basketball court, he decided, the same way he conducted business at his software firm.
She could conduct an entire day's chores in near-silence.
Some of the earliest umpiring was more about enforcing gentlemanly conduct on the field.
The conference is primarily focused on future conduct, not statements of apology.
Various work suggests that neurons emit and even conduct photons.
The composites conduct electricity and can withstand much higher temperatures than the polymers alone.
But this works best when the materials have two other qualities: they do not conduct heat, but they do conduct electrons.
Superconductors conduct high electric currents without heating up or losing power when they are cooled.
The particles must also be attracted to materials that conduct electrons to and from the electrodes.
Adding atoms of boron or nitrogen enables the diamond film to conduct electricity.
Typically, microelectronic circuit chips sit on substrates that are designed to conduct heat away from the circuit.
Still, it would be better for everyone to conduct thorough tests.
If the bacteria perform as intended, he will then conduct trials on humans.
He was able to sing, to play the piano, to conduct an orchestra or conduct a choir beautifully.
It is widely perceived that the problem of uncivil conduct online has reached epidemic proportions.
Maybe it will stimulate a response to conduct further studies in this field.
They might be the same itinerant electrons that allow the metal to conduct electricity.
Dinges says there are two challenges to making a computer that can conduct humanlike talk therapy.
Although they are made of protein, they can conduct electricity as well as materials used in the electronics industry.
The metal frame will conduct current around the vehicle rather than through it.
But to get that answer, doctors had to conduct intensive psychiatric interviews with the various biological and adoptive parents.
But the odds of them learning how to conduct warfare against humans is infinitesimal to none.
It would have been difficult for them to conduct a full-scale affair.
Messages were transmitted to friends on neighboring farms, using the barbed wire of their fences to conduct electric signals.
Many are governed by a strict code of conduct that fines gunmen for abusing captives.
Corruption at the highest levels of government has allowed many leaders to go free or conduct business from behind bars.
Not the kind of conduct you would expect from a king.
His mission is to persuade urban planners to conduct war games and establish a chain of command for emergency personnel.
Meanwhile, we're still trying to conduct the meeting.
Improper conduct by a member of the jury during the course of a trial may make a new trial necessary.
Conduct a pre-interview with the veteran or civilian, if possible.

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