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These factors combined isn't really conducive to a vibrant culture and history.
The weather is pretty conducive to milkshake-drinking, too.
Briefly discuss what types of physical settings are more conducive to agricultural and urban development.
It's important for each individual to adopt methods that he/she feels are conducive to them.
When one senses that he is not of the prevailing ideology the atmosphere is hardly conducive to an open exchange of ideas for him.
They're equally conducive to silly goofing off as they are to serious real-time collaboration.
But the idea that there may be zones within the galaxy that are particularly conducive to life is a much newer idea.
The current political climate is not conducive to having scientific arguments heard before political decisions are made.
Lasting change is about creating conducive environments for learning and business.
We have a dark side that is not conducive to survival but our extinction.
The space is large, airy, and conducive to relaxation.
Lack of easy answers and clear prospects is conducive to demagogic bidding contests.
It's so peaceful, quiet, and conducive to good thinking time away from production mode.
The important point is that mood creates conditions conducive to moral behavior.
They suspect that the enzyme is not one that is essential to life but is somehow conducive to a long and healthy one.
Political machinations are not part of what they do well, nor is it conducive to what it is that they do well.
Science teachers feel under threat and as a result get stressed out, hardly conducive to winning hearts and minds.
Heating a planet that much would not exactly be conducive to its well-being.
The tone of your answers in not conducive to a sensible, mature, adult debate.
My mood at the moment and choice of language was not conducive to intelligent conversation.
Protecting children from junk-food marketing would help create conditions conducive to achieving a healthy weight.
Urban life, on the other hand, is much more conducive to cheating.
Our resources are quite finite and not conducive to supplying a non-aging population.
If nothing else, they raise awareness of the problem and help create an environment more conducive to healthy eating.
Neither is conducive to actually achieving a solution.
The vengeful, partisan spirit of the times is not conducive to coming to any sort of bipartisan agreement, however grudging.
Demonstrating purity of conviction is more conducive to that goal than acceding to ordinary political compromises.
The result might be that no specific metropolitan center may be more conducive to finance or more trusted than any other.
Infrequent walkers said they would be much more likely to walk if their physical environments were more conducive for walking.
The theory is that this will enhance the diversity of dining options in the area in a manner conducive to public health.
Isolation was their punishment, and it proved conducive to creativity for many writers and thinkers.
The initial atmosphere was not necessarily conducive to harmony.
Talk of mushroom clouds was not exactly conducive to calm debate.
Besides causing future financing problems for health care and pensions, this is hardly conducive to renewed economic dynamism.
The climate, however, does not seem conducive to a breakthrough.
People are innovative everywhere if proper ambiances conducive to innovation are provided for.
Human habitation, by definition, is not conducive to protecting the environment or living in harmony with it.
The way the debate motion has been framed is not conducive for discussion.
Cessation of hostilities would create the environment conducive to addressing such problems in a candid manner.
As you can see from the photo, they aren't exactly conducive to being disguised.
Some beaches offer amenities or programs conducive to colder weather months.
On long flights, a business suit or pair high heel shoes is not conducive to comfort.
The drier, milder weather here is conducive to cycling in all seasons.
The ambiance is conducive for families, or for a romantic date as the booths offer some intimacy.
Choose footwear that is conducive to the activities you plan in port.
Many are conducive to cross-country skiing come wintertime, when the snow-capped dunes make for eerie, otherworldly landmarks.
At a minimum, the government must create a general business environment conducive to this venture into a new market.
Be lacking a stable lifestyle or living arrangement that is conducive to recovery.
Upper-level winds are expected to become more conducive for development and a tropical depression could still form.
Adequate power, abundant feed and weather conducive to milking.
The school functions as an effective learning community and supports a climate conducive to performance excellence.
Bullying prevention is critical to building a school environment conducive to learning and where students feel safe at all times.
Our fertile soils and climate are conducive to premium quality.

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