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Example sentences for condom

It's not a hotbed of technological development, although one friend brought back reports of a vibrating condom.
It makes me wonder how one would have to change her technique to accommodate this silicone tooth condom.
The condom program, he said, aims at keeping it that way.
It is no good complaining afterward if you wanted to use a condom and didn't, and even worse to go blaming people in public.
But they also point to divides on condom use and access to electricity, as well.
However, both groups warned that condom use cannot provide absolute protection.
Last week, the city put out a call for its annual condom wrapper design contest.

Famous quotes containing the word condom

If I could be the "condom queen" and get every young person who engaged in sex to use a condom... more
... given a choice between hearing my daughter say "I'm pregnant" or "I used a condom," most mothers would ... more
That is supposed to be the rallying cry of women in the age of AIDS: no condom, no sex. But the dirty littl... more
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