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Example sentences for condo

We traversed this forest to get from our condo to the beach, sometimes disturbing monkeys and large monitor lizards.
One sign of a sustained slowdown would be a return to less frothy condo names.
The next thing you know, everybody has bought a condo.
There's enough money hidden under my clothes to buy a two-bedroom condo.
Here they live in a one-bedroom condo they bought a few years ago, nothing fancy but right on the beach.
He also can't live in a townhouse, apartment or condo.
It's interesting, because of the contrast of the coops and the condo buildings.
Additionally, the condo conveys with a storage unit and off-street parking for two cars.
During the real estate boom, developers broke ground on dozens of skyscraping condo buildings.
She says she likes doing something for the environment and because she lives in a condo, she can't buy rooftop solar panels.
She could pony up for dorm room and board fees or buy a condo.
And in a piece of bad news for the city's condo market, demand for single-family homes rose.
The property may be a single-family home, a condo or a co-op.
Excess demand previously was filled by condo development.
Condo lots are individual lots for each condominium.
The building contained approximately four condo units.
Firefighters found heavy smoke and fire in a backside condo unit above the garage.
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