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Increased temperatures result in more air-conditioning and electricity usage, which is harmful to the environment.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
The air conditioning, the elevators and the phones were operating erratically.
It was packed, and although it was one of the new double-decker trains, the air-conditioning didn't seem to be working properly.
The conditioning will happen whether you think it will or not.
The higher temperatures mean city buildings need more air conditioning, and therefore use more energy than they otherwise would.
It's the best real estate possible-waterfront, protected from hurricanes, and powerless air-conditioning.
Electrical energy also provides heat and air conditioning to keep homes at a comfortable temperature.
Except for the heavy loads of heating and air-conditioning, this setup could reduce a home's annual power bill to near zero.
It could possibly even be used for air conditioning.
In essence the cortex is doing no more than conditioning sensory sub-patterns to produce each other.
Intelligence is governed by what psychologists call conditioning.
Look for a full slate of features, from anti-lock braking and traction control to air conditioning and leather.
Some of it is standard conditioning in the drab smelly gym.
Amenities include air conditioning and a navigation system.
Amazingly, the building has no heating or air conditioning.
Plus, it can help reduce air-conditioning costs during the hot summer months.
His days would be spent in a tiny room kept cold by air-conditioning.
The nation responded as one, dimming lights and cranking down the air-conditioning despite the humidity.
Our results do not mean that air conditioning or clean water was irrelevant.
Tourism takes a fifth of diesel subsidies, which are therefore fuelling air-conditioning in luxury hotels.
All of the stores had open fronts which were blasting air-conditioning into the streets.
The air conditioning, which works badly, is meant to remove the desire to open them.
It manages to create comfortable conditions for the people inside without air-conditioning in a tropical environment.
Asked what she dislikes about her new home, she mentions that the air-conditioning is too cold.
Heat is also reduced by attaching air-conditioning units.
And no amount of expensive products, deep-conditioning treatments and weekly salon blowouts could tame her mane.
But the scientists suggest that the explanation for the gap lies in social conditioning rather than evolution.
Paint and chrome require polishing, leather and vinyl conditioning, and wood oiling.
The repaired to original air conditioning also worked excellent.
Paying heating or air-conditioning bills is usually the landlord's job.
Yet they're less likely to have access to air conditioning or cars.
If one is using air conditioning, then incandescent lights contribute to cooling costs.
Various engineers must figure out how to make the lights, air conditioning, ventilation and power work.
With proper conditioning a subject could be turned into an enthusiastic soldier or a loyal customer.
If sufficiently pressurised it can act as it's own refrigerant when used for air conditioning.
Or maybe not, since you have air-conditioning and bottled water.
We were more interested in operant conditioning way back then.
Of course, none of these societies had the benefits of modern technology or modern energy, whether medicine or air conditioning.
Sometimes this could drive air-conditioning, and other low temperature processes, as well as simple heating.
Even the poorest people have air conditioning and television.
Thus, they cool the roof, and reduce the demand for air conditioning in the building below.
For instance, houses with heavy air conditioning use may benefit from more fans.
Standard features include air conditioning, outdoor seating, televisions and mini-bars.
He's not practicing, leading to concerns that his conditioning will further deteriorate.
Heat stress normally is caused by being in a hot place without benefit of open windows or air conditioning.

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