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They were conditioned to withstand the harshness of the environment, and they were strictly trained.
Style as conditioned by inherent features of the language.
The change might have been accomplished in a less violent manner and still have conditioned the appearance of the moral reaction.
Employment offers will be conditioned upon successful completion of a criminal background check.
Solutions include public air-conditioned spaces and more-aggressive social-care networks.
However that problem is also conditioned by how policy's had been set regarding defaults.
The result is a plethora of fresh ways of studying phenomena, each conditioned by a different cultural history and narrative.
The building was constructed so that students' rooms can be air-conditioned at some point in the future.
Whose to say that the feeling wasn't a conditioned the likes of anti semitism or racism.
Of course, this is a conditioned response from people who reacted to schoolyard taunts by winning the praise of teachers.
If you are staying in a place that is not air-conditioned, purchase a small fan on your way in from the airport.
He populated his stories with downtrodden characters fatalistically conditioned and controlled by their backbreaking labor.
During the summertime, the area will be air-conditioned to keep the pair cool.
These are also the seasons of somewhat milder temperatures than in summer, although the train itself is fully air-conditioned.
In the summer you should find an air conditioned room with cold beverages.
Critics say the communications are purely conditioned behavior.
The cool sea air keeps the whole town clean and air conditioned into the night.
Americans are conditioned to see ecology and social conservatism as occupying opposite ends of the political spectrum.
It was time for the main event and the group returned to the air-conditioned, wood-paneled hall.
And yes, viewers have been conditioned to accept the corporate violence doled out to them.
Only the computer room, on the fifth floor, is air-conditioned.
Our history has not conditioned us to vest any one political doctrine with universality.
They'd been conditioned to grab as much as they could, without thinking about the long-term consequences.
You've got to understand, in this industry you're conditioned for loss.
Data hotels are basically large air-conditioned spaces with a lot of power in them where you can rent racks of computing space.
There were air-conditioned tents, concerts on the stage, and hot-dog and souvenir stands.
We're conditioned to think of fancy racing bikes costing that much, but not commuters.
In the air-conditioned chill of the visitors' area, a grad student runs through the basics.
Owning your music is the ingrained way we're conditioned to the market, not renting it.
The isolation cells, being closed, are the only ones that are air-conditioned.
The interrogation rooms are air-conditioned as well.
In addition, the debate is conditioned by more powerful vested-interest groups.
We are being conditioned to accept the police state.
The sleaze is in your mind, and in your conditioned cultural responses, not in the pictures.
At best, the theory only applies to conditioned reflex.
If a given culture is conditioned in a proper way, minimal chance of disease may occur.
As someone above mentioned how do you filter out the different kind of messages that have conditioned many.
Skin conditioned by sunlight is a phenotypical change.
It is reconciled with direct sensory input that the body responds to according to prior conditioned responses.
The memory test the scientists used in their experiments, called conditioned taste aversion, is familiar to everyone.
Fear is a conditioned reflex to events or situations which present a threat to survival or well-being.
In other tests such as fear conditioning, the mice showed less conditioned fear.
But the choice they make is based on the stimuli and the conditioned or programmed response to that stimuli.
We can only understand consciousness from a human perspective and that is conditioned by our culture.
Then over time, they became conditioned to feel pain in the presence of electronic devices.
It also explains why people ignore facts which don't fit their conditioned response.
Adding double-pane windows to your house won't keep it from leaking air conditioned air, but it helps.
Whizzing across the semi-desert in an air-conditioned car is quite restful.
In the air-conditioned capital, meanwhile, lobster is served in a dozen varieties.
The views of the people can be conditioned and debased by powerful media propaganda.
Richer people tend to work in air-conditioned buildings.
As incomes rise, more shoppers will opt to drive to large, air-conditioned stores and load up on groceries.
All too often a peace that is conditioned on impunity for these crimes is not sustainable.
And nationality is often conditioned on residence not on blood.
Publishers fret that this has conditioned consumers to expect lower prices for all kinds of books.
Two key differences: my childhood was spent in poverty, memories of depression and war strongly conditioned people's thinking.
Chairs are placed around a big television so shoppers can watch football matches in air-conditioned comfort.
Most that oppose us sit in air-conditioned comfort and brood about the national humiliation of another nation riding herd on them.
In one case, bail-out money was conditioned by substantial job cuts, in the other by as few job cuts as possible.
Transportation costs for the air-conditioned van and entrance fees at the temples are not included in the price of the tour.
Most of the rooms have microwave and refrigerators, and all of them are air-conditioned.
Guests of all ages can enjoy the cruise inside the air-conditioned cabin or outdoors on deck.
Each guest room is air conditioned and offers access to the on-site game room.
The whole trip takes about four hours, and riders have their choice of open-air and air-conditioned cars.
The double-decker boat has an air-conditioned cabin with a full-service bar.
Each air-conditioned guest room includes a cable television, mini-fridge and telephone.
The heated or air-conditioned lower deck is a comfortable alternative.
Campers also have the option of staying in air conditioned cabins or on sites where they are allowed to pitch tents.
Onboard accommodations feature air-conditioned rooms with picture windows.
There is a meeting facility on site that is air-conditioned and comes with a kitchen for group gatherings.
All the rooms and suites are air conditioned and have private balconies.
The absence of televisions in the serenely decorated, air-conditioned guest rooms helps maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
All the rooms are air-conditioned and feature cable televisions and coffee makers.
Well suited for families with children, the air-conditioned apartments have fully equipped kitchens.
The cabins are nonsmoking, air conditioned, and come with a fireplace and full kitchen.
Each cottage is air-conditioned and has a deck or veranda with views out over the gardens.
On the upside, the rooms are air-conditioned and windows are double-glazed.
But it's interesting to see that this kind of anguished debate is in some measure culturally conditioned.
The counter-argument is that ducks are prey animals and are conditioned not to show you if they're suffering.
Ducts and air handlers should be placed in conditioned spaces when possible.

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