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Conditional probabilities change as conditions change.
But even here, value is highly subjective and conditional.
Conditional cash transfers are a convergence point in two different evolutions in understanding and combating poverty.
Rather, it is a conditional increase the actual amount of which depends on the measured values of other variables in the model.
All the gifts to colleges are what is known as conditional and are applied to endowment only.
Now, a leading marketer of life insurance is using a colossal-size version of the conditional.
He can receive a one-year conditional discharge and avoid jail if he stays out of trouble.
But it was probably also conditional on his avoiding political songs in the run up to the election.
Eustace's contributions only on a conditional basis.
All manner of benefits have become conditional on a clean drugs record.
More substantially, donors may make aid conditional on meeting the promises made.
But the conditional and the gerundive have by no means been banished outright.
Our reward is a conditional but highly romantic answer.
Ford's lawyer asked for a conditional sentence that would mean no jail time.
Some state laws ban manufacturers from making a warranty conditional on registration.
It should not be conditional on some sort of amnesty quid pro quo.
Therefore, the conditional objection is irrational or insincere.
His lone payday was good enough to secure conditional status for the remainder of the year.
But those who do receive conditional offers will find the conditions harder than ever to fulfil.
Our enthusiasm for conditionality is conditional, in short.
Conditional amino acids are usually not essential, except in times of illness and stress.

Famous quotes containing the word conditional

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