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The familiar condiment helps to break down oil around turtle mouths and eyes so that it can be more easily removed.
Learn more about how the famous condiment is made and the taste tester who eats hot sauce all day, every day.
If the food lacked flavour, there was always a bottle of a thick brown condiment handy, to slurp over it and conceal the taste.
Mango appears in meals and as a salad, but is also served pickled as a condiment that is eaten with virtually everything.
These ingredients, first combined and fried in lard or oil, serve as a flavor base or condiment to many meals.
Top your meat with fresh salsas available from the extensive selection on the roving condiment cart.
As they fish, they talk, sharing details including the fact that mustard is their favorite condiment.
His raita, a garlic-infused yogurt condiment, comes with a sprinkling of crunchy fried okra on top.
Condiment holders are designed to be ridge-less so they are easier to clean.
He had entered a drug-treatment program and landed a job working the graveyard shift at a condiment factory in the suburbs.
Take his vegetable soup with pistou, a condiment that is similar to pesto but without the nuts.
Here again, dozens of recipes were tried before the condiment was ready to go places by mail.
Its robust flavor-peppery enough to leave an afterglow but not so hot that it numbs your tongue-wants no condiment whatever.
Fish eyeballs become a gelatinous sauce thickener and plankton a condiment.
The plant is still used widely as a condiment in salads and pickles, and occasionally to alleviate toothache.
Put all the food on a table and plan each meal, snack, drink and condiment.
Horseradish is grown for its enlarged taproot, which is used as an appetizing condiment for meats and fish.
Provide condiments in single service packets, unless the condiment is an item being offered as a sample.
Use health department-approved, refillable condiment dispensers instead of individual packets.

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