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To condense a longer story: one of those flashes apparently was the flash from a red-light camera.
The energy is used to heat the brine, partially evaporating it, and to condense the resulting water vapour.
They form when humid air cools enough for water vapor to condense into droplets or ice crystals.
More water droplets condense and freeze on these seeds, forming snow.
The warm air rises and is cooled by the wind, which causes the water vapor in it to condense into clouds.
In that design, when air comes in contact with the conduit, the cold temperature causes water to condense on it.
Parisians tend to condense their work into short periods of time.
Different temperatures cause water vapor to condense and form mist over a lake.
More water in the air would be more water to condense and produce precipitation.
Planets form from disks of swirling material that condense into solid bodies.
Scientists think heat from the probe caused humid air to rise and condense on the cold edge of the craft.
Naturalism tries to condense the scientific spirit into a philosophical theory.
These paler aerosols, and to some extent the blacker ones too, can provide sites for water to condense.
When fusion slows, outbound pressure drops and the star's core begins to condense under gravity-becoming ever denser and hotter.
When these molecules condense to form liquid water again, the energy put into the system must be released.
Under some conditions moisture would condense out of the air into clouds.
In this system there is no need to condense anything.
In time, gravity causes these clouds to condense and collapse in on themselves.
When it reached its boiling point, it will condense.
When you bring it inside a warm house, water will condense on its surface.
Remove and condense the organic matter, called sludge, which settles to the bottom of the tank.
Its small, individual size encourages the fruit to condense and caramelize as it bakes.
Clouds form when water droplets condense around airborne particles, such as dust and sea salt crystals.
They become visible when water droplets pulled from a storm's moist air condense or when dust and debris are taken up.
Water from the ground and vegetation will condense on the sheet, roll down to the center, and drip into the container.
Solar stills can be used to condense moisture by placing a plastic sheet over a large hole.
It is useless and truly beside the point, in a book of such compacted sweep, to condense the plot.
Left to its own devices, the brain tends to condense time.
At one memorable moment, the movie manages to condense nearly all of these horrors into a single scene.
She's at her best when she broods, when she allows her earnestness to condense.
These rocks cause the steam to condense and the water trickles into a clay channel and receptacle, where it collects and cools.
As air climbs the mountain it cools, encouraging water vapour picked up from the warm ocean to condense.
The ability to condense great thoughts into small words and brief sentences is an attribute of genius.
These droplets serve as nuclei around which water droplets condense, making clouds.
When an iron-rich meteorite vaporizes on impact, the gases condense into a fiery rain of tiny iron droplets called spherules.
Perhaps a galaxy does not condense out of a huge gas cloud, fully formed from the start.
At some point soon, probably in the next decade or two, the atmosphere will freeze and condense into crystals on the surface.
Abstractions which summarize and condense reality are essential, but they have their uses and limitations.
Interviews can be lengthy affairs that condense into a few brief quotes in a final feature.
When the surface cooled sufficiently, the water would condense and rain on the surface.
Later, the atmosphere should condense as it cools down.
Astronomers know these condense into planets and asteroids.
Such large objects will condense with their gravity and their entropy would increase spontaneously.
The saturation vapor pressure is the vapor pressure when liquid water begins to condense.
Until fairly recently, the medium seemed a cold, static reservoir of gas quietly waiting to condense into stars.
There is some evidence that bacterial particles contribute to cloud formation by providing surfaces for water to condense onto.
Enough cooling eventually makes water vapor condense, which contributes to the survival and growth of the clouds.
Autumn brings longer nights that allow the ground more time to grow cold enough to condense water vapor in the air into fog.
If the air is near saturation, moisture will condense out of the cooled air and form fog.
If the rising air is humid enough, water vapor in it will condense into clouds and maybe precipitation.
Use a vacuum-packing bag to condense all of your clothes into a smaller size for travel.
As the air rises it cools, causing the air's humidity to condense into tiny cloud droplets.
The dew point is the temperature at which water will condense out of the air.
As this picture shows, transpired water will condense on the inside of the bag.
Some dryers draw in room air to cool the interior air and condense the water.
River water is pumped through tubes in a condenser to cool and condense the steam coming out of the turbines.
The large surface condensers required to condense the entire steam flow increase the size and cost of an open-cycle plant.
Must be able to multi-task and to condense and present ideas for high-level decision makers.
The dew point is the temperature at which solid or liquid water will condense from the air.
Perchlorates typically condense in exhaust ducts downstream from the fume hood.
Anhydrous ammonia may also cause water vapor to condense in the air forming a visible white cloud.
The conditions could take hundreds of years to develop, and it is the prerogative of movies to heighten, condense and extrapolate.

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